Rahma, the Essene pendulum


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Rahma, The Essene Pendulum

We present to you a much loved creation of Pura Presencia ™, Rahma, the Essene Pendulum that connects us directly with the spiritual community of brothers of Light who prepared the arrival of Yeshua, the Messiah. It is said that the closest nucleus of Yeshua (Jesus) were members of the Essene community, as was the case of Mary, his mother, Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, James the brother of Yeshua and John the “Well loved.”

Rahma means in Aramaic the unconditional Love that radiates Divine Love from the maternal aspect of Source, the radiation of the Divine Mother, “Ma”. It is from unconditional Love that the Essenes worked to sow the Light in the world, as an invitation so that those who felt attracted by its message, could start the path towards their own internal perfection, their own spiritual development.

The Essene Pendulum, inspired by the classic form of dowsing and radionics of the Metutelet pendulum, is an imminently spiritual pendulum. The work we can perform with this pendulum is deep and very subtle due to his ability to access the most refined layers of the human Soul, making changes on very subtle levels in which, perhaps, we are not yet very aware.

The pendulum is engraved with an Aramaic expression that reads: “B ‘Milta d¨Alaha” (By the word of the Absolute). This expression is a top-level dowsing command that will enhance the dowsing labels and commands that we use in our work with this tool.

The Essene pendulum can be used in two modes:

1- Test mode: to determine the needs of a session (choice of labels, dowsing questions)

2- Radiation mode: transmission of the vibrations of the labels combined with the intention and determined dowsing orders


Properties of the Essene pendulum

  • Due to its shape: The pendulum follows the traditional shape of the Metutelet pendulum BUT with important variations: it has a charge inside of physical, energetic and spiritual remedies, it has 8 indentations that create the waveform of 8 Isis batteries, which powers the benefits of the number 8 on the pendulum, namely the ability to connect with Infinity, the harmony of forms, the connection as Above is Below, that is, the connection between the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. The pendulum has two positions of work according to hanging by the cord from one part or another. By the smooth surface we can ask questions of Mental Dowsing. Through the toothed surface we can emit vibrations thanks to the wave so that it generates a radionic transmission.
  • Due to its internal charge of ingredients: the pendulum has a filling of remedies that generate the Pure Centering vibration, a beneficial radiation that aligns us to Source, centers us on our axis, enhances our Heaven-Earth connection and balances us. Likewise, it emits the spiritual Gold vibration and has a strong presence of Christ energy of the highest level.
  • Due to its radiesthetic color: the dominant radiesthetic color is WHITE, a universal healing and harmonizing vibration. Although due to the use of different labels and different radiations, we will find other sub-bands of radiesthetic colors depending on the use we give them.
  • Due to the labels:The pendulum will emit the vibrations of the selected label when we hold the pendulum with the radionic transmitter down, as seen in the above picture.
  • By the intention of the user combined with dowsing commands: the pendulum can take us very far depending on the dowsing abilities of the user, his experience, his spiritual, energetic-subtle and psychological navigation capacity.

The Labels

The Essene pendulum set comes with 33 labels in special cloth, initiated and charged with the vibrations of the actions suggested by each label. The labels are all engraved with the Aramaic expression: “B´Milta d´Alaha” (the Divine Word ) that empower the dowsing commands that work with each label thus aligning with the Divine Will of the Source.

The labels correspond to the highest-ranking spiritual values ​​cultivated by the Essenes, through which we find that, when properly used,  the pendulum can::

  • help to connect and heal our relationship with Source, the heavenly father, Divine Mother, Tree of Life, our true essence,
  • help to access the Book of Life, the so-called Akashic Records or the Living Library of all that Is, through access to the Akasha
  • help to purify our Being energetically
  • help purify our hearts
  • help to release and let go of what weighs on us
  • help clear our mind
  • help to connect with the angelic forces that protect and watch over us according to the Essene tradition
  • help to work with our body of Light, our connection with cosmic forces
  • help in protection by angelic forces, archangelic according to the Essene tradition
  • help to forgive absolutely or step by step gradually
  • help to receive Christ healing, through the vibrations of Yeshua, the Master of Righteousness as the Essenes called him
  • help to harmonize with what surrounds us
  • help to transmit Divine Light, Divine Love, Compassionate Love, agape.
  • help us to enter into inner silence, stillness, relaxation, regenerating vibrations in themselves.
  • and more..

Through the set of labels we can carry out a complete session helping to harmonize the energy field of a person. We can carry out general sessions by selecting the labels that the person needs on time or focus on a given goal and choose the labels that best suit the needs of the person based on their objectives. The combined use of labels, pendulum, and dowsing commands can lead us to work at very deep levels depending on our ability as a dowser. The manual includes examples of dowsing commands for many of the labels.

For copyright reasons, we do not describe on this page the labels that are described and explained in the Essene Pendulum manual. Thanks for your understanding.

The labels are cleaned with a soft cloth and are made of a very comfortable durable material. They are placed with a rubber band that we provide, around the pendulum.


Essene Pendulum Manual

The Essene pendulum manual reflects a part of the history that we know and do not know about the Essenes, their interests and their vital mission on earth, in order to familiarize ourselves with the dowsing work with this tool that draws from Essene sources to his work of energetic and spiritual harmonization.

The manual analyzes the properties of the pendulum and its labels in order to facilitate their selection based on the objectives we have in a specific session.

The Manual is NOT a dowsing course.

Manual in PDF 90 pages A6 format.


Dowsing sheet

The pendulum and manual are accompanied by a PDF color dowsing sheet to facilitate the selection of labels and where to transmit their vibration in the subtle anatomy of a human figure reflected in the sheet.

The sheet allows you to select which side to use the pendulum of the two possibilities (Test / Irradiate), it offers you a seated human figure on which to work or locate points from which to work and a quadrant with the labels as well as a graph with a scale to measure what you need using simple scales such as 0 to 10, 0 to 100, or percentage.

We have also added a quadrant that allows you to analyze the level of depth of the work you do with the pendulum.


Attunement of the pendulum to the owner

We offer the possibility of attuning the pendulum to its user, which can enhance the work and connection with this tool. For this we need the name of the person and their date of birth, write it to us in the NOTES section when making the purchase. Otherwise the pendulum will go out of tune.


LEGAL NOTE: dowsing is not a substitute for medical care for those who require clinical care.




“Yesterday at noon I received the pendulum, it is a marvel❤️ what precious energy it emits and the labels are impressive as much as they are made as the information with which each one of them works.
Yesterday I was dealing with a tricky client matter; What he had spent months trying to solve (circling like a mouse in a maze) in 30 minutes of working with the Essene pendulum began to fit everything in him and in his environment. Awesome ?
I saw how in him and in his company arrived like very powerful light energy “bombs” that exploded and their shock wave swept and flooded everything… .. amazing!. And this is just the beginning
Thank you very much for having materialized this jewel of knowledge “. / Student, Andalusia, Spain
“(…) I wanted to tell you about the Essene pendulum that amazes me every time I work with it. The information and the force with which this pendulum and labels work is impressive, forceful but full of light and love, it radiates healing energy only with his presence, ever deeper. (…) “L..M / Spain
“Absolutely loving this pendulum” A.S/ UK England
“I also have a testimony: Yesterday I had a very great upset and was very upset, it affected me a lot and I could not get it out of my head. After several hours like that I found the Rahma pendulum to anchor an inner silence and a healthy mind , a while later I realized that it had completely gone out of my head and was in total calm and harmony without affecting me. The truth is that (the pendulum transmits) qualities that are difficult to achieve by other means. ”Carlos, Madrid

“I have long wanted to share with you an experience I had with the Essene pendulum.
Since I bought it I leave it on the bedside table because sometimes I feel the need to connect with it before going to sleep.
I once had a nightmare where I was running and screaming in the dark, and I woke with a start with my heart pounding … so I reached out and took the pendulum in the dark and held it to my heart, breathing to find calm again. In those moments when you notice that your consciousness oscillates between wakefulness and sleep, I seemed to hear (perhaps I imagined it) a voice that said “I am the Light of the World.” I didn’t pay much attention to him at the time and fell asleep, but the next day while I was having breakfast I had a flash and I was aware of the importance and beauty of the message received and the synchronization with the nightmare I had.
This pendulum is a marvel, even without any cards I believe that its connection with the divine essence is very deep and the messages arrive when they are really needed. ” Maribel, Barcelona




Pendulum made of beech wood, engraved with a pouch. Size: height: 7cm, diameter 4.5cm aprox.

Pendulum Attuned to its future owner as long as this is stated in the area NOTES when making the purchase with the person’s full name and date of birth.

Fabric labels with black rubber band to attach them to the pendulum.

Essene Pendulum Manual in PDF pages: 90 format A6.

Dowsing sheet in PDF formats A3 and Ansi format B (USA)



A Pura Presencia ™ product manufactured in Spain by conscious loving artisan hands.

The Essene pendulum, manual, sheet and labels are an ORIGINAL idea of ​​Pura Presencia and are legally registered to preserve our copyright and copyright as well as all creative work of Pura Presencia on this website. Pura Presencia ™ is a Registered Trademark.

Notice. Fraudulent copies of this material will lose their vibrational quality and sadly transmit the vibration of fraud. an energy of very low vibration and integrity.

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