Regen Pendulum


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Regen Pendulum

This pendulum has a physical charge of Trans-resveratrol (do a web search for the incredible properties of this product) and the Pure Centering Vibration promoting the regeneration on all levels of our being.

From an energetic and Spiritual level, the pendulum has a charge of Regenerative frequencies supporting our overall well being.

Bioenergetically speaking, there are five prime cords which are necessary to be actively working within any cell of the human and animal system for the proper functioning. Regeneration is one of these cords. The regeneration is the ability of a cell, structure, organ, gland, function, system to RENEW itself. When this function stops working a cell and a structure enters a critical phase of degeneration and decay leading eventually to death or metamorphosis.

The Regen pendulum works on 3 levels:

  • On the physical level, trans-resveratrol has been considered one of the greatest antioxidants supporting rejuvenation.
  • On a consciousness/Spiritual level, the presence of the Pure Centering Vibration connecting us to Source brings spiritual regeneration and renewal to our Souls and body mind systems.
  • On an energetic level, the pendulum´s regenerative frequencies can open pathways (when combined with intentional work) to regenerate different areas of our life.


Product details:

Osiris head wooden pendulum

Weight aprox 50 gr

Free Basic Users Manual for Baj Pendulos Therapeutic pendulums


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Weight 50 g


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