Relationship healing



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Relationship healing

These sessions are bioenergetic harmonization of relationships between two people. For group balancing please contact us to study your case and offer you a pricing.

We use the Lecher  Antenna and our in-depth protocols to access the causes of imbalance and incompatibility between two people and provide bioenergetic solutions at the core level of our being and energy field, nourishing in depth the many energetic resources of our fields in order to regain balance within ourselves and in relation to the other person.

These sessions are ideal to be done regularly among couples, or else family members who live together such as a mother and her sons and daughters, people sharing flats or close co-workers.

These sessions are not fortune telling in the sense that we will not encourage you to divorce, remain married etc. We are not going to disempower you and your life choices but rather keep your fields strong so you can make your right decision for yourself.

For bigger groups, please contact us for a quote.

Product details:

Distance healing session. We do not need to by physically in contact via Skype we work with your fields at a distance. You will receive an audio and PDF file with all the details of your session. 1h to 1,5h session.

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