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Rigpa., the mental pendulum

A specialized dowsing, radionic and radiesthetic tool to work mental, cognitive and thinking issues to clear the mind from a variety of entanglements and blockages. Designed and made by Pura Presencia

Teachers of all times and spaces have pointed out to the Mind as being the root cause of all the ocean of suffering that exists. We have created this pendulum to help us free our minds from mental entanglements, ignorance, poisons of the mind and to ultimately reach Enlightenment, freedom and liberation.This is the intention that we held when creating htis pendulum, for the highest good of All”.  Barbara Meneses

We have created this pendulum for therapists who wish to help their clients or themselves in a wide variety of questions related to the human mind, thoughts, cognitive processes, ailments of the mind. We understand that most of the problems that cause suffering to the human being originate or pass through the mind, thoughts, the way we process, digest, interpret the information we receive and to which we are subjected on a daily basis.

The word Rigpa is used in Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism to refer to the Mind in its state of natural perfection, free from mirages, falsehood, the veil of illusion. It is the natural state of Being of waking consciousness, the no.-mind. With this name and vibration, we want to sublimate the dowsing work that we can do by helping the human mind to recognize itself and thus be able to return to its natural state, liberated, free of obstructions and darkness.


The Rigpa pendulum has been created in the classic Metutelet pendulum shape and has two working positions: radiation mode and question or test mode to ask questions and receive answers in YES / NO mode. The pendulum has an internal charge of physical remedies that enhance the work that we can do with the pendulum and connect it to the highest light vibrations, thanks to the presence of the Pure Central Vibration that emits the radiation of spiritual gold. The pendulum is accompanied by 64 labels related to the mind, which MAY allow or help us to:

  • perform energetic cleansings of the mind, the mental body
  • dissolve codes, obsolete frequencies
  • process information efficiently
  • dissolve mental blocks
  • resolve internal conflicts
  • facilitate the release healing of memories
  • facilitate the resolution of ancestral issues
  • close portals, vortexes
  • revoke consents
  • enhance mental and cognitive abilities
  • bring light, illumination, mental clarity
  • connect with the aspect of the buddha, Christic mind
  • access divine wisdom
  • dissolve hypnosis or unhelpful trance states
  • undo oppressive mental structures
  • work to help in cases of obsessions, addictions
  • work releasing resistance, frustrations
  • work to alleviate mental suffering
  • enhance mental concentration, intuition, logic, discernment
  • transmission of light vibrations to energetically nourish the brain, glands, mental body
  • enhance hemispheric coordination
  • dissolve magics and dark, dense works on the mental plane and much more.


Properties of rhe Rigpa pendulum

  • Because of its shape: the pendulum has radionic capabilities due to its design following the classic shape of the Metutelet pendulum
  • Due to its inner charge (filling) of remedies: it centers and connects us with Source, emits spiritual gold, Monoatomic Gold, and the Pure Centering Vibration
  • Due to its radiesthetic colors: the pendulum emits the base color White and color sub-bands such as indigo, ultraviolet
  • Due to the symbol: engraved in Tibetan is the word Rigpa that emits the vibration of the mind in its pure and natural state. There is a lotus flower engraved at the top of the pendulum corresponding with the purity of body, speech and mind in accordance to the Buddhist tradition.
  • Due to its use combined with labels: each label emits its own radiation that combined with the pendulum and the intention set by the user help and enhance the dowsing work assigned to each label
The labels
There are 64 labels on resistant fabric that we can clean with a soft cloth. Each label has been individually energetically and spiritually prepared to enhance your work. They are not mere name tags but vibratory witnesses that convey the essence of the work suggested by each label in the highest possible way. (Warning: Any fraudulent copy of said labels will not reproduce said vibrations and worse still, it will transmit the vibration of the lack of integrity, vibrations that are not beneficial to transmit).
Manual in PDF in English
The pendulum is accompanied by a manual in PDF format A6 of about 78 pages where we describe in a simple way (and without this being a substitute for the dowsing training that every dowser needs) how to work with this pendulum, and a general description of each label.
Dowsing Sheet chart PDF
Along with the pendulum, the labels and the manual, we offer a PDF sheet to help us more easily select the labels and the areas where we can transmit the vibrations of the pendulum and the labels, as well as some basic measurements or numerical scales. The sheet is offered in A3 and Ansi format B formats for (USA).
Attunement of the pendulum
Tuning the pendulum to its owner We offer the possibility to tune the pendulum to its owner. For this we need you to write the name of its future owner (name, surname, date of birth) in the NOTES section, when making the purchase. Do not forget to do so because we usually send orders quickly and if you do not write this information, we understand that you do not want your pendulum to be attuned. It is not necessary to do so , but we have found that it is beneficial and enhances working with this tool.
  • We can work with this tool in a purely mental dowsing session, focused on helping our clients in their vital and mental processes and challenges
  • We can work with this tool within the framework of a specific action that we carry out in our dowsing sessions, when we prove that the client has a specific need at a mental level and that we can attend to it by working with any of the labels in this set.

A lotus flower symbolizing the purity of  Mind,body, Speech, and the crown chakra





By the way my Rigpa pendulum has been soo effective in supporting my clients and family members. It is truly powerful so thank you so much for your creation and dedication. I am very grateful!  S. L.S PSychologist USA.






Individually Made by Pura Presencia with loving and fully conscious hands

The Rigpa pendulum, manual, labels, chart and all our offerings are legally registered in terms of copyright. All fraudulent copies of this work will carry the radiation of lack of integrity. Pura Presencia is a registered Trademark.

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