River Flow, the Meridians pendulum


Pendulum+52 physical labels+ PDF Manual+PDF Dowsing charts 8 pages PDF English


River Flow, the Meridians pendulum

Our life flows in joy and bliss when all of our inner and outer rivers, the celestial, Cosmic, and terrestrial rivers are in harmony. We have created this pendulum to help in that beautiful direction.

We had been wanting to create this dowsing tool for a long time to help us work at a vibrational and subtle level with the great rivers of energy that run through the subtle anatomy of people and animals.

We have also added the Celestial rivers and the Telluric Rivers, the great lines that run through the earth and that can impact us in our spaces and with which we can work on energetic cleansing of places.


Characteristics of the River Flow Pendulum

  • By its shape: Pendulum in the classic Metutelet shape with variations in its internal content and its engravings on the surface.
  • Due to its internal content: The pendulum has a series of physical ingredients and other subtle energy to help us work with the Celestial, terrestrial and human-animal meridians.It contains the Pure Central Vibration, Gold vibration that helps us to focus and align ourselves on our axis. .
  • By its labels: The pendulum will emit the vibrations contained in each label focused on working on specific issues.
    For its engravings: The pendulum has two engravings on the side and upper part that allow us to work with the energetic rivers on which we focus, facilitating their flow in harmony.
  • For its radiesthetic color: The base dowsing color of the pendulum without labels is white. It will fluctuate depending on the labels used to facilitate one-off work with each label.
  • By the intention in its creation: the pendulum has been created from love, respect, freedom to help us work energetically and spiritually with the celestial, terrestrial and human-animal rivers in order to help us in our sessions and help the people and / or animals with whom we work for their highest good.

The set of labels

The pendulum is offered with 52 special fabric labels that can be cleaned with a soft cloth and that have been vibratory and energetically prepared to help us work on each of the dynamics described in the labels and that basically allow us to harmonize the great rivers of energy that they flow in us and in our spaces. The description of the basic uses of the labels can be found in the PDF Manual that accompanies the pendulum.

The 52 labels cover the following aspects:

  • Heavenly, heavenly rivers
  • Telluric, terrestrial rivers
  • Human rivers, animals (meridians)
  • Specific actions to be carried out at the dowsing level with the different rivers
  • Elemental forces to harmonize


River Flow Pendulum Manual

The pendulum comes with a 78-page PDF Manual in ENGLISH in A6 format that is not a substitute for the dowsing training required by those who wish to work with pendulums but that offers basic information on how to work with this tool and the basic uses that we can give to the combination between the pendulum and the 52 labels that accompany this set.


Dowsing sheets PDF

Along with the pendulum we offer a series of 8 Dowsing sheets in PDF formats A3 and Ansi format B (To print in the USA) with which we can select the labels we need in our sessions, perform a series of measurements relevant to work with the River Flow and work with the 12 meridians of the subtle anatomy of the human being and the 2 vessels (Governing-Conception).


Attunement of the pendulum

The pendulum can be attuned to its future owner. To do this, write your name, two surnames, date of birth in the notes section. We are quick to send packages if you do not tell us this information, we will send the pendulum untuned. (It’s okay, no need to tune in, it’s just a gift that can facilitate a greater affinity with the pendulum.)




  • Beech wood pendulum with two engravings on the side and top
  • Set of 52 labels on special fabric
  • Manual in Spanish PDF format A6 78 pages
  • Dowsing sheets in PDF format A3 and Ansi Format B. 8 pages (2 meridians per page)
  • Optional attunement of the pendulum to its owner: write us your information in the NOTES section or then we will not tune it.



An original product designed and handcrafted by Pura Presencia ™ with full love and conscience for the highest good of all.




© All rights reserved. All our creations are registered for legal purposes. The total or partial reproduction of our material is prohibited except for the buyer’s personal copy. Do not contribute to the piracy of the creativity of others as this only generates the vibration of the lack of integrity in YOUR own creations and YOUR work. Thanks.

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