Set: neutralizer, potentiator, witness enhancer



Set neutralizer, potentiator, witness enhancer in transparent methacrylate


We have been working with these symbols for years for different dowsing and therapeutic uses.

They are shaped like three large engraved cup holders and can be used to place a plate on top to help neutralize, enhance or eliminate waves.

As they are engraved, these objects are NO longer two-dimensional but Three-dimensional, so they potentially have more strength than a paper photocopy of them.


The neutralizer

It allows us to neutralize unwanted vibrations in a glass of water, food, flower remedy, oils that we are preparing, that is, BEFORE introducing new vibrations in a glass, a glass bottle, a spray, we can place what we want to neutralize on the methacrylate base and with a pendulum to test when the liquid or object placed on it has been neutralized.

We can use this neutralizer to help us clean jewelry, personal items, food, drinks. Note that it is an energetic neutralization, NOT physical, that is, it helps to neutralize the unwanted information contained in objects, liquids, food, at an energetic level.

We have worked extensively with this neutralizer and it can also be used to neutralize harmful waves that penetrate spaces. For this we have to locate the noxious wave and calculate with the pendulum which is the ideal place to place the neutralizer pointing towards the wave.

It can also serve to help release negative charge on an area of ​​the body, such as a chakra, an energy vortex or an area. We simply place the neutralizer on the affected area and test how long we have to leave it there.(In such case, test the direction of the neutralizer. Are you neutralizing an incoming wave or aggression or an external one. Place the neutralizer facing the aggression. The written name “neutralizer” should be facing the direction of the aggression.).


Personally I use this neutralizer a lot, even in areas where we have detected geopathies or technopathic stress, I have a neutralizer under my Wifii, in my kitchen where I often put my water bottles, in my therapy room where I remove rings, bracelets before work and I leave them on the neutralizer, when I prepare remedies, auric sprays etc. B. Meneses

IMPORTANT: It is not advisable to use the neutralizer by posing pendulums, with a filling or a charge inside of them or already prepared flower remedies to avoid eliminating the vibrational frequencies of those objects.

We can clean a pendulum using the neutralizer as long as we hold it a good distance and swing over the neutralizer with the intention that it neutralizes ONLY the dense energy charge that the pendulum has absorbed, if at all. Test first before doing this. Not all pendulums need to be cleaned and less neutralized. (If you are going to do this, test how high it is safe for the contents of your pendulum to swing over the neutralizer).



The enhancer with the Flower of Life open and a spiral helps us to enhance the high vibrations in the objects, liquids, auric sprays, flower remedies that we want to create, including creams, candles, food.

The enhancer has been initiated and transmits the Pure Central Vibration, a vibration that centers us and facilitates our connection with Source and our essence.

We can use a pendulum to boost the work of the enhancer in an extra way, programming it to power a certain “power”. x 10, x100, x1000, x 10,000, x 100,000, x million, as we test it is necessary. We also have to ask with a pendulum how long the object has to stay on top of the enhancer to be enhanced. When we remove the empowered object, with a hand gesture over the object we can decree: “anchored and sealed” so that the empowerment is sealed in all times and spaces for its greatest good.


Witness generator and residual wave remover

The decagon allows us to perform several functions, namely:

1-It allows to create witness words that will reflect the vibration of what is written as long as the person knows how to impregnate that word with the vibratory meaning it has. For example the word “gold”. (The person must know what gold is at a vibrational level). The decagon allows to reflect the core vibration of “gold” that can allow us to search for gold in dowsing searches.

2- Due to the previous properties, the therapist can write the name of his client and leave it in the decagon for a few seconds / minutes depending on his test and the paper will reflect the client’s vibration, having eliminated any wave that does not belong to the original vibration. of the client to be able to test (it is not a healing) but it is the creation of a witness-paper that reflects vibratoryly in the most faithful way to a person or thing.

Thus, the decagon helps us to eliminate (ignore) the waves of an object or being, other than its own, those of its essence, that an object or a person has accumulated. This is very useful when we want to prepare a remedy, a flower essence, a cream, an auric spray and we are going to work with several remedies or ingredients at the same time. We place each ingredient for a few seconds on the decagon and with a pendulum we test when the waves that do not belong to that object have been dispersed. This eliminates residual energy that the object may have taken because it is stored in a space together with other objects or remedies that emit their own radiation. This way we make sure that the remedy or ingredient that has been placed in the decagon is as pure and free from waves that do not belong to it.

I personally use the decagon in two ways:

1- To eliminate waves of essential oils and flower remedies, auric sprays that do not belong to the essential oil or flower remedy.

2. To eliminate waves from the witness papers of my clients BEFORE working with witness paper in tele-dowsing to prevent the client’s energy from being analyzed when the client is connected to their relatives (energetic intricacy). B. Meneses.





Three transparent methacrylate circles engraved with symbols: NEUTRALIZER (Neutralizer), ENHANCER (Flower of life open and spiral), WITNESS GENERATOR AND WAVE DISSIPATOR (decagon)

Diameter measurements of each circle: 13cm

Circle thickness: 0.5cm

The Methacrylate can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

IMPORTANT: We custom made these discs upon demand so we might not ship inmediately on the same day. We tend to be fast but be patient if it takes a few days. They are made one by one, Thank you!



A Pura Presencia ™ product manufactured in Spain by conscious and loving hands.

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