Soul Reconnection


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Bioenergetic session Reconnection of the Soul

Different factors can cause a greater or lesser disconnection of the Soul, from trauma to accidents, harmful personal decisions, catastrophic situations at the collective level to give simple examples.

In this session we will work to reconnect and strengthen the connection of the person to his Soul, helping to solve from an energetic perspective the reasons that caused said disconnection.

We will work with our entire battery of protocols and bioenergetic solutions.


Session purpose

  • Reconnect the person with their Soul (to the degree in which it is possible) when they have suffered voluntary or involuntary disconnection processes
  • Strengthen the client’s connection with their Soul by improving their current connection with their Soul
  • Improve communication with the Soul when blockages or other types of impediments that hinder it are detected
  • Session held from the Light and for the Light.


This is not a session  to book for “curiosity” purposes. We will consider before accepting the person if it is necessary and / or convenient to carry out that session.

We reserve the right not to accept a client if there is not enough RAPPORT between us or when we consider that the session will NOT be beneficial for the person at this time.


Legal Notice: These sessions are purely energetic and are not a substitute for medical and psychological care required by those with a clinical condition.



  • Bioenergetic session in the distance of 1h or 1,5h
  • Report is provided at the end of the session in audio and PDF
  • We need name, surname, date of birth, current location and recent photo of the person (alone, without animals or people around).
  • We will calculate the closest and most suitable date to hold the session. Write your email correctly so that we can answer you, thank you



(*) Rapport: The minimum professional relationship between therapist and client through which there is mutual respect and an unconditional and positive regard of one another that makes it possible for the work between both to be beneficial for both parties.



A Pura Presencia™ service offered with Love and the Purest Intention


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