Soul Retrieval Session


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Soul Retrieval Session

In ALL our bioenergetic sessions whenever it is necessary, we perform Soul retrievals of missing fragments, misplaced fragments of the person´s Soul. This session is exclusively focused on this issue.

We live in a fragmented world, we relate to people who are fragmented and we receive an education based on fragmentation. This whole reality is reflecting to us the fragmentation which results from a dualistic world. Unless we turn to the Source of Wholeness and Oneness we do not have living examples of beings who are whole and complete. This is a journey in itself, OUR life path and Soul purpose: to regain Wholeness, our natural state.

One of the main causes of Soul fragmentation is trauma which is a response to life situations and events.

In these sessions we will analyze the level of Soul fragmentation, we will identify the fragments that are ready to be integrated and we will provide the necessary help for them to be integrated within the person´s Soul and body-mind-system.

We cannot force a Soul retrieval. We can only work on those aspects ready to be integrated because the person may not be ready yet to embrace these aspects and we need to honor their timing.

The session has 2 goals:

1- Retrieve Soul fragments that are ready to be integrated by the client

2- Balance the bioenergetic field of the client in relationship to this integration



Session performed at a distance. 1h-1.5h.

We need full name, date of birth, current location of the client and recent picture (alone, no pets)

We will provide the soonest date possible for the session and we will send the results in audio and pdf via email.


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