Spiritual Boost Session


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Spiritual Boost Session

If you are feeling stuck in your Spiritual or evolutionary path, if you feel apprehension to move forward into a greater and expanded version of yourself if you are in need of support to reach higher into your potentials,  possibilities, consider booking a Spiritual Boost Session.

We will work with you and your Spiritual team, your energy field and multidimensional aspects to find what is stopping you and clear it. We will boost the areas of your Spiritual path that need the most assistance at this moment while removing any ancestral blockages,  past life entanglements, attachments, contracts that could be preventing you from moving higher in your path.

We are working through the Pure Presence of our being to awaken and expand your own Pure Presence. When choosing to work 1 to 1 in a life Skype session, it is a direct and profound transformational and meditative experience to support the expansion of your consciousness.

You will receive Divine energies and frequencies to uplift, open, expand and deepen your path, opening new doors of possibilities for you.

We can work with you in 2 ways, they are optional:

1- A Life Skype 1 to 1 session (via Skype or Zoom)

2- At a distance as we do all our sessions.

Please write which is your preferred option when booking. We will write you with a time for the session (if Life Skype session remember we are in Spain, Madrid time zone, we need to work in working business hours).

Who is your session facilitator

Product details:

1,5H session (either in Skype.Zoom or at a distance)


Disclaimer: these sessions are not substitutes to proper medical or psychological care. We reserve ourselves the right to discontinue our sessions due to lack of rapport or matters related to personal integrity.


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