Spiritual Ether Attunement


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Spiritual Ether Attunement

In ancient times, the ether was considered to be a substance that allowed us to connect with the spiritual world, an element that is not limited or confined, with the ability to manifest itself everywhere and with unlimited potential.

The Ether is connected to the “spatial” element, and through its connections it is also related to the throat chakra and the etheric body of living beings. The great function of the ether is its ability to purify and connect us to those planes from which proceeds in this case the higher spiritual planes. The ether has the ability to help us raise our vibrations.

This attunement helps us connect with the Spiritual Ether in order to charge energetically with the prana of that spiritual plane and atmosphere and thus revitalize our subtle fields, chakras, meridians, aura layers, crystals, herbal remedies, flowers, essential oils or our own living space.

The attunement can help us in radiesthesia sessions, harmonization sessions with the hands (Reiki type, massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu etc). It can also help us in our practice of Yoga, Chi Kung, meditation, pranayama, conscious breathing, etc.

The Spiritual Ether is the quintessence of the spiritual planes outside the Matrix, outside the planes of extreme polarization. Because of its purity, it can help us transform the vibratory quality of the air we breathe so that we can receive the most refined prana from the higher octaves and thus benefit from that refined quality of subtle energy that is released from that atmosphere.

What is the difference between the Spiritual Ether attunement and the Divine Prana attunement?

In the spiritual Ether we find spiritual prana that in its highest octaves we can call “Divine Prana”.

The spiritual Ether is the atmosphere, the space where prana can occur. The spiritual Ether attunement is more spatial while the Divine Prana attunement is more focused on the pure substance of prana.

We can say that the attunement of the Spiritual Ether helps us to create and transform the space purifying and elevating it. That space can be internal and/or external.

The attunement of the spiritual Ether helps us create the right environment for the harmonization of our space, our auras, subtle fields. Divine prana provides us with pranic nourishment.

“We offer the attunements with which we have worked for their proven effectiveness both personally and therapeutically. We hope that it helps and inspires you as much as it does us.” Barbara Meneses


What is the difference between the Spiritual Ether and the Akashic attunements?

The Akashic attunenement is specifically focused on connecting with the information of the Living Library of All That Is, what some call Akashic Records, in this case the authentic ones that are accessed through the Akasha, also called Ether.

The Spiritual Ether attunement , as we have indicated in previous paragraphs, connects us with the space element, the atmosphere of the Ether element due to its vibratory qualities that we can channel to raise the vibratory frequency of what we focus on and thus harmonize it.



  • Attunement in the distance celebrated in less than 48 from the moment of purchase (It is not necessary to be pending or stay online. You will receive an email with the date and time of the transmission and as soon as you receive the diploma you will be able to activate the attunement following the Manual instructions.
  • Write us your name, two surnames and date of birth to carry out the initiation, in the section reserved for NOTES in the shopping cart.
  • Includes Basic Manual in PDF in English, and Diploma in PDF




An original Pura Presencia ™ product offered with full love and conscious intent for the highest good of all.




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