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The Sri Yantra is the queen of the Yantras, dedicated to the Divine Mother, the Cosmic Mother, the principle of the Great Shakti, the great creative energy of Source.

Yantras have been traditionally used for meditation, cleaning and harmonizing spaces.

This engraved Sri Yantra benefits from greater power than a two-dimensional paper copy, being in this case a three-dimensional shape created with conscious and loving intent by Pura Presencia. It has been specially prepared for several purposes:

1- Personal use:

To enhance our harmony with prosperity, success, positive energy in our life.

2- Geobiological Use and Harmonization of Spaces

To place it in specific places in our habitat where we detect dense energy or geopathic stress problems and promote the introduction of a positive energy flow and dynamism in the area.

Due to the triangular shape of the structure in the formation of 9 triangles, a movement is generated, a flow of energy in the area where we place the symbol.

3. Dowsing:

Emits the Pure Centering vibration,and opens the field of infinite potentiality. It allows us to charge and empower witnesses, charging water, essences, remedies with the beneficial vibrations of the Sri Yantra.

We can use it to raise the vibrations of our space, place it on complicated telluric lines in our space, in front of us when we work in dowsing sessions, harmonizing witness-papers when we prove necessary or else working with our energy fields by placing the yantra in a particular location in our subtle anatomy or energy vortexes.

It can be used to help us focus before starting our dowsing practices by holding it between both hands and connecting with the Pure Centering Vibration, focusing on our objectives for the session and asking for the most beneficial energies to flow for our work.


–The disc is Not sold with the wooden base. You can purchase the base separatedly from this link


Benefits attributed to the Sri Yantra

  • It can help improve our connection with the Divine Feminine, Shakti energyIt can help improve hemisphere coordination (we can hold the disc in a prayer position with both hands joined and we will feel an increase in our energy flow.
  • It can help improve the circulation of our energetic circuits when we place it in areas of our subtle anatomy or in space in places specifically tested for it.
  • It can help improve higher cognitive faculties.
  • It can help harmonize our rational, logical aspect with our intuitive aspect and inner wisdom.
  • You can help meditate by practicing gazing, observing a mandala or in this case the yantra.
  • It can help balance our masculine and feminine sides due to the presence of four triangles pointed upwards (masculine, Shiva) and five pointed downwards (feminine, Shakti)
  • In the Hindu tradition, the Sri Yantra blesses those who work with him on a spiritual level with prosperity, success, wealth, happiness, popularity, power, authority.
  • The bindu in the center connects the manifest world with the unmanifest, it connects us with the Infinite ocean of full potentiality
  • The Sri Yantra helps us to awaken to higher octaves of perception.

The Pura Presencia empowered Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra Pura Presencia disc has been empowered energetically, vibrationally and spiritually to help us both personally and in harmonizing spaces. It has received a luminous, energetic and spiritual enhancement in order to potentiate its qualities for our most beneficial use.



The Disc DOES NOT INCLUDE the pendulum in the photograph.

Transparent methacrylate disc engraved and energetically and spiritually enhanced.

Measures approx: 13cm diameter by 0.5cm thickness

The disc can be cleaned with a soft cloth WITHOUT using abrasive products

Disc stand: You can purchase a disc stand to display the Disc from this LINK

IMPORTANT: We custom made these discs upon demand so we might not ship inmediately on the same day. We tend to be fast but be patient if it takes a few days. They are made one by one, Thank you!


-Made by Pura Presencia with conscious loving hands-


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