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Pendulum and Manual Sword of Truth

The Sword of Truth Pendulum is a handmade creation by Pura Presencia. It is a power dowsing tool through which we combine different elements in its construction in order to help us work with the Vibration of Divine Truth and five aspects that flow from it, namely:

  • The true love
  • True power
  • The true light
  • True grace
  • True Wisdom


Pendulum properties due to our design, physical and energetic-spiritual charge

  • By virtue of its shape: The pendulum has a classic Egyptian pendulum shape, in which through our design we have enhanced the following elements: the papyrus that connects us with the Unity of the Source, three batteries of Isis that connect us with the triune nature of the Mother Goddess and the elongated shape of the pendulum ending in a point that reflects the human being in its perfect original pattern.
  • Due to its internal charge: The pendulum has a filling of physical remedies that connect us with the vibration of Divine Truth and the Pure Centering Vibration that center us, align on our axis, emits spiritual Gold energies and connect us with Source.
  • Due to its initiation: The pendulum has been initiated to Divine Truth, which allows us to access and resonate with greater power to such vibration.
  • Due to its engraving: the pendulum has an engraving created and energetically enhanced by means of which we connect with the Truth in our heart and allow the energy and force of the triple flame of the heart to flow with the force of Light, Love, Wisdom and Divine Will.
  • Due to its radiesthetic color: the pendulum emits WHITE as the base radiesthetic color, a universal healing color that allows us to access all the colors of the full  light spectrum.

Pendulum uses:

  • As a spiritual tool: It gives us strength, it helps us to stand firm in our true essence, in our essential truth. It helps us to stay clear and to cut with the mirages, the illusions, the lies, it allows us to connect with the divine Force, the Divine Truth, the Divine Love, the Divine Wisdom, the Divine Light, the Divine Grace. It helps us focus on our triune heart and allows us to open to the triune flame within us. It helps us focus our intention and energy toward our best purposes. It can be a meditation tool.
  • As a mental dowsing tool: we can use it like a “normal” pendulum to ask all kinds of questions knowing that it has a strong resonance with Truth. We can use it to test compatibilities between us and foods, activities, studies, products checking wether they are in alignement with our inner Truth.
  • As a vibratory radiesthesia tool: we can use it to radiate the vibrations of truth, true power, true love, true wisdom, true Grace. Likewise, if we know how to do it (see our Level 1 Online course) we can permeate all kinds of vibrations.
  • As a harmonization healing tool: we can use it to CUT with everything that is not beneficial, we can clean subtle channels, we can clean the aura and areas thanks to the cleansing force of Truth. We can connect, align, with the force of Truth. The uses are infinite as long as we work from personal Truth. We can work relationships, projects, legal matters where the vibration of the truth is essential. Elimination of entities and darkness through the power of Truth.
  • Dowsing Commands: It is an excellent tool for issuing power dowsing commands anchored in Truth.
  • Establish strong protections, the sword of Truth is a great tool to estanlish strong Spiritual protections around someone or one´s properties.


Attunement of the pendulum to its owner (user)

As an offering, we can attune the pendulum to its new owner, for this we need you to write us in the NOTES section in the shopping cart the names, surnames, date of birth of the owner or user. We usually send packages quickly. If you forget to tell us this, we understand that you do not want the pendulum tuned. It does not need to be tuned, it is just an aid.






(The pendulum is more elongated than the image shows. The photos tend to shrink the elongation of it)

  • Pendulum: beech wood, 14cm height. Handmade one by one with conscious intention
  • Weight: 45 grams
  • Basic Manual in English PDF A6 format pages:34
  • Attunement to the pendulum (optional) please write your name and DOB in the NOTES area if you wish the pendulum attuned to you.





A Pura Presencia™  product handmade one by one with Love and Conscious Intention,

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