The Dragon Pendulum


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The Dragon Pendulum

(Pendulum+ mini manual in PDF)

The Dragon pendulum has, a powerful charge of an Indian herbal formula with Schisandra as its base, that activates and clears all meridians and brings balance to all the doshas the three main body-mind types Vata (space and air), Pitta (fire and water) Kapha (earth and water). It has also been attuned to the Celestial benevolent Dragons guardians of the Universe who are able to clear pathways and bring assistance and protection to Humanity and Mother Earth when in need. The pendulum carries also a powerful charge of Pure Centering Vibration able to clear and purify the surface worked upon.

This pendulum was designed by Baj Pendulos Spain when looking for a remedy to clear all the Hartmann, Curry, Ley Lines, Michael Lines, Mary Lines and all the Dragon lines of the Earth wherever they got corrupted and inverted by darkness. In trying to find the vibrational solution to this problem, the ingredients and the energies embedded in the pendulum came about.

Here is some extra info in Schizandra as seen by the Chinese herbal tradition Read More

All meridians of the body can be balanced with this pendulum due to 3 aspects:

  • The shape of the pendulum an Osiris head working with negative green and the power of our intention
  • The herbal charge inside of the pendulum able to balance the doshas and clear the meridians of the body and the meridian lines of the earth.
  • The attunement to the power of the Celestial dragons able to provide support and clear pathways for the earth and humans and animal lifeforms.

Working with Ley Lines, Dragon Lines, Hartmann Lines, Curry Lines

Whenever you find yourself working with these lines place the pendulum over the line, connect to the charge inside the pendulum and the Dragon medicine and request that the line be cleared from all directions in time space for the highest good of all. Let the pendulum swing until it stops. Measure to see the results.

Uses for this pendulum:

  • Clear all meridian pathways in human and animal energetic anatomy
  • Clear all power lines of the Earth grid
  • Provide Dragon protection
  • Access Dragon gifts and insight
  • Transmit the benevolent power of the Dragon
  • Establish phenomenal protection around  you, your home, beloved ones


Product details:

Pendulum attuned to the healing frequencies of the Celestial Dragons and Indian secret herbs + Pure Centering Vibration and mini manual in PDF format 33 pages in A6 format.

Size: 7,5cm long x 6cm wide

Material: Birchwood

Weight: 50gr

Disclaimer: Pendulums are not medical equipment nor is the use of pendulums and dowsing a substitute to proper medical care.


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Weight 50 g


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