The Kundalini Pendulum


Pendulum+Manual PDF+Attunement to the pendulum


Kundalini pendulum + Manual in PDF+attunement to pendulum

The Kundalini pendulum is a very special tool created to support the awakening, the flow and the evolution of this primordial creative feminine force on its journey upward to meet her beloved, Consciousness itself.

It is sad that the notion and the existence of Kundalini has been only kept in the field of the Esoteric, the Spiritual and yogic traditions, as all humans have this force within us which interacts with us in beneficial and detrimental ways depending on the level of traumas and blockages that we hold in our bodies and energy fields, as well as the levels of stress that we sustain through our very de-naturalized modern lifestyle.

The Kundalini pendulum has different properties based on:

  • The shape. The Osiris head was chosen by Kundalini itself as the best vibratory radiesthesia shape to work with the Kundalini energy. This is the most resonant shape. the Osiris type head emits by its shape electromagnetic Negative Green which is the vibration of power, EXACTLY as the Kundalini energy is. Negative green is a carrier wave of information and will transmit when radiating it on a surface the information contained inside of the pendulum. In this case the information is the physical, energetic and Spiritual ingredients included in the pendulum to work with the Kundalini energy in the most beneficial of ways for the highest good of the individual AND of the Kundalini itself.
  • The radiesthetic color: The main (base) radiesthetic color of the pendulum is WHITE, which is a Universal healing color. Other secondary colors present in order of strength are: ULTRAVIOLET, a high frequency angelic radiation supporting the expansion of consciousness and INDIGO, a radiation connected to the third eye, the activation of our higher mental capacities, our intuition and Wisdom.
  • The ingredients in the pendulum: the pendulum has secret ingredients we cannot disclose to protect our work. One of the most important is the Pure Centering Vibration which will help center the Kundalini energy and support her connection to Source as explained in the manual. Other ingredients support our DNA; the clearing of our cellular and emotional memories, the enhancement of our full potentiality in all areas of our life included abundance and prosperity.
  • Energetic charge: The pendulum has received a Shaktipat energy blessing to activate gently the Kundalini within the user of the pendulum and his clients. It has also received the blessing of the Divine Mother, Mata Shakti, the Great Shakti which flows through the pendulum.

Uses of the pendulum

  • Activate, strengthen, nourish and support the Kundalini energy within us
  • Support our grounding through the root chakra
  • Clear blockages on chakras, endocrine glands, energy pathways related to the Kundalini
  • Support the clearing and healing of sexual issues, traumas
  • Support the clearing and healing of survival issues
  • Support the de-stressing of the Kundalini energy and of the overall body-mind and energy field.
  • Support our alignment with our Soul purpose in resonance with Kundalini´s mission of communing with Consciousness
  • Revitalize our energy fields, chakras, organs, systems, meridians
  • Improve our levels of motivation, enthusiasm, mental clarity, awakening
  • Promote from an energetic standpoint our process of evolution, enlightenment, liberation


Attunement to the pendulum

When purchasing the pendulum please write to us the full name and date of birth of the user of the pendulum so we can attune it to your field. This will enhance your connection to the Divine Mother and the Shaktipat within the pendulum.

Kundalini Manual

The Manual in PDF 63 pages in A6 format explains what is the Kundalini energy, what are the stages of its journey within our field, and covers information on the Kundalini pendulum and how to work with it providing examples of use and questions/solutions.


The Kundalini pendulum has been created to work in PERFECT harmony with the SHAMBHALA pendulum. You can work the whole axis of the subtle body by focusing the Shambhala pendulum at the higher chakras and the Kundalini pendulum at the lower chakras or supporting the rising of the energy through the central axis of the body.


Legal Notice: Dowsing is not a substitute for proper medical care shall you suffer a condition that requires you to receive clinical assistance.The information provided in this page and the manual is for purely informational/entertainment purposes.


Product details

Pendulum,wood, 40 grams

Kundalini pendulum Manual in PDF, 63 pages A6 format

Manual for therapeutic pendulums from Baj Pendulos Spain in pdf

Attunement to the pendulum.


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Weight 40 g


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