The Lecher Antenna Manual (PDF)



The Lecher Antenna Basic Manual

This is the Basic Manual (a beginers manual)  that will set you rolling in the direction of becoming a practitionner of the Lecher Antenna and eventually a consultant or therapist. All you need to get started into this wonderful tool is explained in a basic format in this Manual. (This manual is NOT the manual of a whole therapy but a manual of how to use the Lecher Antenna with basic measurements, understanding of energy fields and how to perform basic interventions and corrections with the antenna).

If you are already a therapist, this information will easily be integrated with your own set of skills and solutions.

This is the foundational information that we will be building upon in further Courses and Manuals deepening this knowledge and helping you enhance your skill.

The Manual is illustrated with photographs and graphics.

  • You will learn the principles of the Lecher antenna
  • You will learn how to operate the antenna
  • You will discover which are the most important measurements and how to work with them effectively
  • You will learn the most important aspects of the human energy field and the Lecher antenna measurements
  • You will learn what are the frequencies to work with animals
  • You will learn to make a basic energy field reading and balancing of another person.
  • You will learn to read your own fields and make basic corrections that will re-balance you
  • You will learn how to check food, herbs and product´s compatibilities with yourself and how they impact your fields.
  • You will learn basic troubleshooting techniques to lift the energy of a space prior to working with the antenna
  • You will learn how to best ask questions with the antenna
  • You will learn how to practice energetic acupuncture with the antenna
  • You will have some basic exercises set to get your practice going
  • This and much more


This Manual is part of the Online Basic Course of the Lecher antenna. Which is currently only in Spanish. If you need to go over the material covered in this manual in a private Online tuition class you may book one of this services here


The Manual´s downloading instructions:

Please bare in mind this is a Spanish website, so all the formating of the website is Spanish-based. Upon purchasing the Manual and making the payment, you will receive an email such as the one we show you in the picture just below. The way to download the Manual is by clicking on the second sentence where the words: “The Lecher Antenna Manual” are written after DESCARGA.

You will also find a sentence below that with a password as the file is protected. Please do not copy and pass on neither the document nor the password. Thank you! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Upon purchasing this product you receive a confirmation email from Baj-Pendulos (check your spam) this email contains a LINK for you to download the booklet. If you do not receive this email inmediately PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL so we will send you manually the document as soon as possible.







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