The Munay-Ki pendulum




The Munay-Ki pendulum +Manual PDF, English

A shamanic pendulum for the evolution towards the Homo Luminus, the luminous man-woman

The Munay-Ki pendulum is a shamanic vibrational tool. Munay-ki means in Quechua “The power of Love”. The pendulum has been fully initiated to the Munay-ki Rites, introduced in these times by Alberto Villoldo. They are rites that draw their power from ancestral shamanic traditions, with a strong Andean component, although their origins come from a mysterious group of now ascended luminous beings called the “Laikas”.

The Munay-Ki pendulum is initiated to the 9 Munay-Ki rites plus the Womb Rite (that Womb rite is not connected with other womb work from other traditions or processes).

The Munay-ki rites are seeds of Light that help us on the path of evolution towards the luminous Being, “Homo Luminus”. They help us to activate our Rainbow  body of Light, to awaken our DNA in order to direct ourselves towards the process of transformation of current Humanity into the new potential of the future of our species, into the Light.

With the Munay-ki pendulum we can work with the 10 rites, help ourselves on an energetic level and from a shamanic perspective.

Properties of the Munay-Ki pendulum

  • It connects us with the ancestral tradition from which the Munay-Ki Rites come from.
  • It allows us to activate the seeds of the Munay-ki rites
  • It allows us to cleanse our subtle field
  • It allows us to energize our subtle field
  • It allows us to protect our subtle field
  • It allows us to connect with the archetypal force of the animals of power included in the Munay-Ki rites: snake, jaguar, hummingbird, eagle-condor
  • It allows us to connect with spiritual forces: angels, archangels
  • It allows us to enhance our Ascension process, of evolution and transformation towards our next “level”, the luminous man-woman
  • It helps us to work shamanically with the directions: South, West, North. This, Heaven, Earth.
  • And much more. Use your intuition for more uses and possibilities.



The pendulum is accompanied by a 42-page manual in EnglishPDF with descriptions of the Munay-Ki rites, properties and characteristics of the pendulum and basic instructions on how to use it in a general and specific way.



As an offer we can tune the pendulum to its future owner, for this we need you to write us (in the area where you see it possible to write a note in the shopping cart) your name, two surnames and date of birth. If we do not see anything indicated, we understand that you do not want the tuned pendulum and we will send it that way. It is not necessary to tune it, we have only found that it helps to have a greater affinity between the person and the pendulum.





  • Beech wood and brass pendulum (brass top)
  • Manual 42 pages A6 format in English PDF
  • Possibility to attune the pendulum (write in the space to add notes in the shopping cart your name, two surnames, date of birth, if you want the pendulum attuned, otherwise it will be sent without attuning it. It is not necessary to attune it to the user).






An original Pura Presencia ™ product created with full love and conscience for the highest good of all.

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