The therapist empowered hexagram


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Therapist’s empowered hexagram

We have prepared this hexagram in transparent methacrylate for our room or space where we hold our sessions. Hexagram 30 of the I Ching tells us about the synergy and necessary cooperation between client and therapist as well as the optimal flow of information that occurs when both come together for a common mission: the work to harmonize in this case the client.

The hexagram connects us doubly with the power of Light, of Illumination. It brings clarity to our work and to the search for Solutions ( decoded in Spanish it means, ions of light that solve our problems) Sol-Luz-iones. It is the hexagram of the Visionary so necessary in our practice of dowsing both to see and find solutions and to accompany our clients to find a new vision for themselves, their projects and aspirations.

This hexagram enhances the synergy of the client and the therapist, facilitating their compatibility and producing that when two or more people come together for the same goal, it enhances and increases the synchrony, inspiration, connection and coordination of resources to produce the most beneficial solution. for all.

This is not just any hexagram of the I Ching. It has been empowered by Pura Presencia™ in order to help therapists in their sessions by helping them in their practice.

(Please note that the picture in this image has not the frequencies and energies of the final object as it will be tuned and specially prepared for you).

How to use it:

  • You can hang it on the wall above your door inside the space where you work (you can drill the methacrylate and make the hole)
  • You can place it in front of you on your work table as its radiation in front of you will enhance your work.
  • You can meditate holding it in your hands before starting your sessions
  • You can carry it in your bag when you have work meetings with people with whom you form or will form a team as it will enhance your synergy.
  • You can use dowsing and measure in which area of ​​your home you need this hexagram to enhance the fluidity of your relationships at home if you are going to use it outside of a therapeutic context (“For example, in my home, in addition to placing it on the door of my space for dowsing work, I have tested that in my workplace at the computer, an ideal place is in the south west corner of my office ”Barbara Meneses).


Custom hexagram

If you give us your name and date of birth during the empowerment, we will prepare it exclusively for you. The hexagram will receive the most suitable light frequencies for you and your therapeutic space.


Product Details:

Translucent methacrylate rectangle. Empowered and energized.

Measurements: 8cm height by 6cm width

If you want the empowerment to be personalized, write us in the NOTES section your full name and date of birth (if it is for a gift, the name of the person in question).

Clean the methacrylate with a soft cloth without abrasive products.

IMPORTANT: We custom made these Hexagrams upon demand so we might not ship inmediately on the same day. We tend to be fast but be patient if it takes a few days. They are made one by one, specially attuned and vibrationally charged for you, Thank you!

NOTE ON METHACRYLATE Due to the nature of methacrylate, you may find micro scratches on it that do not affect the effectiveness of the disc.


A Pura Presencia™ product, made  by Loving and conscious hands

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