Transpersonal Counselling session


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Transpersonal Counselling Session

This is a talk therapy session based in both humanism and transpersonal psychotherapeutic approaches to support you best on the issues of your concerns.

Feel free to write to us prior to purchasing a session in order to assess the suitability of this service to your needs. We also reserve ourselves the right of declining our services if not enough rapport has been built between us, which would be counterproductive to your goals and aspirations.

We are trained as Professional Counsellors by the AIPC, Australian Institute of Professional Counselling.

Disclaimer: The booking of the session constitutes a contractual relationship between client and therapist in which a series of commitments are made on both sides namely the perfect confidentiality of any issues discussed during the session, and also the full responsibility of the client for his health, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

We do not work with client who is severely ill or with a psychological/psychiatric condition.

Product details:

1 hour session via Skype in English


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