UFO pendulum



UFO Pendulum

This is a wonderful mental pendulum called UFO due to its similarity with these extraterrestrial spacecrafts. It is highly responsive, relatively light with less than 2 cm of height.  A real beauty from BAJ.

Ideal to test remedies, flower essences, oils, foods, etc. Ideal also to dowse over charts, lists, quadrants.

It is not so much used in Pendulum healing but rather as a mental pendulum for YES and NO answers. In pendulum healing we use the WML Lymphatic pendulum which has been properly designed to clear blockages in the lymphatics and other energy pathways of the body such as meridians, nadis.

The UFOS we have tested from BAJ radiate the radiesthetic base color of White, a very harmonizing and friendly color.

If you don´t have a “mental” pendulum, consider trying this one. You might be surprised!

Material: Brass Weight aprox: 25 gr.


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