Vector Equilibrium bioenergetic pendant


Bioenergetic pendant attuned to the wearer.



Vector Equilibrium bioenergetic Pendant

A Jewel especially attuned to you

The VE, Vector Equilibrium pendant is a two-dimensional version of the cuboctahedron, a geometric shape who´s significance was discovered by Buckminster Fuller in 1940. This shape is one of the most balanced shapes in the Universe and thus we have chosen it to create this bioenergetic jewel with the intention to help us keep our fields stable in the midst of life´s many stressors including geopathic and technopathic stresses.

This shape is called Vector Equilibrium because it is the only geometric form wherein all vectors are of an equal length. This creates energetically speaking a perfect flow of energy. Buckminster Fuller considered it the zero-phase or nothingness from which other forms emerge. It is a shape that invites within us a great stillness, a restorative sense of inner peace and quietude even in the middle of life´s many activities. When tuning into the pendant as we wear it, we are reminded to return again and again to our zero point, back to Source, to the infinite stillness from which will emerge the Ocean of full potentiality.

This pendant is intimately connected with the Unified Field and has the ability to clear all unstable fluctuations in our fields when we tune with our intention to the geometry of the pendant and we allow our field to synchronize with these properties of the Vector Equilibrium.

3 dimensional Vector of Equilibrium Not for sale

The VE can also be seen as 12 spheres around 1 or else 13 spheres. This connects us through the laws of resonance with the Christ Consciousness and the Christ consciousness grid and has also Divine feminine connections through the sphere, the number 13, the number 4.

The VE is of course connected to the geometrical properties of the cube (foundations, Earth) and the octahedron (Air, communication), which makes it an ideal vessel for the transportation of information (intention) through the Unified Field (of potentiality).

The Vector Equilibrium bioenergetic pendant has been created by artisans specially chosen by Baj Pendulos Spain for their high vibrational integrity. The Silver has been neutralized and prepared to hold the highest and most peaceful energies. Within it, the pendant holds the key to support our balance from an energetic standpoint.

The Pendant will be attuned to the wearer to support and enhance even further the pristine qualities of this piece of jewelry.

How to use this pendant

  • Give yourself time to adapt to its energy. Wear it for a while at first, get used to its energy flow
  • Use your intention when wearing this pendant. State your intention to remain balanced in the midst of any disturbance.
  • Tune into its communication qualities when you want to use them, or else turn off this capacity when you rather want to focus on stillness, silence, peace
  • Hold it when you want to focus on manifesting something in your life by visualizing that you are in the field of Infinite possibilities open to create your best goals and aspirations. Let the dynamic flow within the pendant carry this message wherever it needs to go to come to fruition and bring you, through synchronistic events and encounters to the right persons to cooperate with, the right situations for the perfect unfoldment in Divine time of your creation.


As with any sterling silver pendant, you will need to clean it with a silver cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products.



Pendant: Sterling silver 925. Size approx 3cm weight 6 grams. Sold in a jewelry box and a pouch.

Attunement to the wearer with the intention to keep him/she in a balanced field, having access when needed to the infinite field of full potentiality.

Please let us know the full name and date of birth of the future owner of this pendant.

Does not come with a chain.

We create these jewels in limited editions. Please contact us if you plan to buy more than one.

Additional information

Weight 20 g


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