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A disc born on the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, 12-12 at 12 AM midday.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a representation of the Virgin Mary best known for its appearances to the painter Juan Diego in Cuatitlán in the state of Mexico in 1531. Although it is recognized worldwide for its appearance in Mexico, the Virgin of Guadalupe already existed and was venerated in Spain back in the 12th century.

The “guadalupana” has been known to be miraculous since her appearance since it is said that it was she who informed the painter Juan Diego that her uncle had been cured when he implored for divine help and intervention in his case.

Since then, thousands of people make pilgrimages every year to see the image of the Virgin in Mexico.
The radionic disk is born on the day of its celebration, December 12, a very special portal through which this year light energy flows from the spiritual world, very important in the face of the 2021 solstice, another very important date for the changes that the planet is experiencing and The humanity.

The writer, psychoanalyst, poet, accountant Clarissa Pinkola Estés calls the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Holy Mother, and writes about her in a work entitled “Unleashing the Strong Woman”, a Divine feminine with multiple faces always ready to help us, to rebuild if necessary our aching souls in the great journey of embodied existence.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is considered a symbol of spiritual protection, hope and faith.

“Personally, the Virgin of Guadalupe worked her miracles on a trip to Mexico where, in her Basilica and the nearby shops, the Maronite saint Saint Charbel (a long story) appeared to us physically and miraculously, who helped us in a cleaning job that we were called to carry out in Mexico DF during a trip between 2002 and 2003.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is considered the matroness of Mexico, and Mexico is considered the heart of America. There is a legend that says that when the nostril of the Earth (Tibet) goes to sleep, the guardians of the Mexican tradition wake up to receive the instructions from Tibet and in turn awaken the other nostril of the Earth, in Mexico. Myths, legends, fantasies, the truth is that Guadalupe and the vibration of her reigns over there and resonates strongly in all of the Awakening of Mexico and America”. Barbara Meneses

Decoding the secret meaning of Guadalupe

Playing in the “language of the birds” ( a French way of decoding the possible underlying meaning within words, sentences) to decode the possible secret messages of this name, we find “Guad” (from the Arabic “oued” which means valley, river shore, river) and “Lupe” which comes from Latin and means “Wolf”. Thus, “river of the Wolves”, riviera of the wolves, valley of the wolves.

“Lupe” by resonance has an affinity with “Lupa” meaning “magnifying glass”, the ability to enlarge our vision to see the details of our life.

All this leads us to add to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the qualities of wolves, vision. In shamanic and totemic medicine, wolves connect a lot with intuition, family, the pack, cooperation, instinct and large doses of freedom because we also find the “lonely wolves”. Interesting that Clarissa Pinkola Estés who wrote about the Virgin of Guadalupe also wrote about “Women who run with Wolves.”


Radionic Disc Properties

  • Strengthen our connection with the Great Mother, the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, the Divine Feminine
  • Awakening of the Heart (for all, including the Earth)
  • Empowers the awakening of our consciousness
  • Empowers our access to the immaculate Love of the Great Mother
  • Comfort in moments of suffering
  • Spiritual protection
  • Spiritual intercession before God Source
  • Compassion
  • Helps enhance the healing of our feminine and maternal aspect
  • Helps us to connect with the Vibration of the Miracles of Mary, with her healing energies, her great compassion and her Divine Presence.
  • Honors the maternal principle of the Source.
  • Helps us to harmonize spaces
  • Helps us to work energetically using the disk as a catalyst for the energies of Mary
  • Helps us to charge crystals, essences, quartz, floral and herbal remedies with the vibrations of the Guadalupana.
  • Promotes manifestations through the use of witness papers on the radionic disk combined with the use of dowsing.
  • As an object of art and devotion on our altars.



  • Transparent methacrylate disc measures 13cm diameter by 0.5cm thickness (it may have normal micro scratches from the material).
  • Possibility of tuning it to its owner write us your name, surname, date of birth in the Notes section in the shopping cart.


Important: Disc does NOT include wooden base which can be purchased separatedly

  • Normal size wooden base Here:
  • Mini Wood stand can be purchased HERE



A Pura Presencia™  product made one by one with Love and Conscious Intent for the highest good of all

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