Warrior Dowsing Spiritual Warfare session


At a Distance

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Warrior Dowsing Spiritual Warfare session

At a distance

(…) “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the Darkness of this world, against Spiritual wickedness in high places (…)”


We offer these sessions in which we will work with our 4 protocols from our Warrior Dowsing Online Course in order to help those who feel they are being oppressed by the forces of Darkness or density.

This session lasting from 1h to 1.5h depending on the client and its needs will perform a clearing of the biofields of the client from any elements that can be cleared during the session.

Who can benefit from these sessions?

  • Lightworkers who feel oppressed by these dense forces and need an extra support on their journey, helping them remove unnecessary obstacles on their way.
  • Sensitive people who suffer from feeling these oppressions and want a bioenergetic clearing supporting the balancing of their fields.


During the session we not only remove dense elements oppressing the person but we also transmit vibrational frequencies that restore the balance and equilibrium of the person´s overall energy field. This can be translated in a greater sense of integration, in the person experiencing a greater wholeness and an improve in his/her connection to his higher aspects and Source.


We work with the Lecher Antenna, our specialized pendulums, in-depth protocols from our own methodology distilled from 20 years of deep practical experience in the field of bioenergetics and the Human biofields.

Part of the session will consist of making the client aware of possible past or present behaviors that could have brought about the presence of dense energies in the person’s system. We will also propose some “homework” to be performed to help the person maintain the bioenergetic equilibrium for himself within the scope of a session.


Legal notice:
These sessions are NOT substitutes to proper Medical and Psychological care shall the person suffer from a clinical condition.

Right of Admission: We reserve the right to decline to work with a client if we do not have enough rapport to work in a mutually beneficial relationship or else if the values of client/practitioner clash in a way that breaks our rapport.



Session at a distance. Duration 1h to 1.5h

We need the full name, date of birth and recent picture of the person alone with no pets.

We will calculate the best date for the session (sooner and most ideal time for the client) and we will provide the results of the session both in audio and PDF


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