White Buffalo Calf woman radionic Disc



White buffalo Calf Woman Radionic Disc

We launch this disc on the Year of the Buffalo in the Chinese Zodiac system which is very auspicious for this creation. White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Divine Being of a supernatural nature from the Lakota native American Tradition,who was said to be “the Daugther of the Great Spirit” a messanger providing Spiritual guidance.

White Buffallo Calf Woman appeared to the Lakota in times of great need. She offered them the sacred pipe and taught them how to re-establish the sacred connection and right attitude towards Nature that would bring abundance and prosperity to the people while respecting the land and the living beings within as well as the cycles of Nature.

She is often depicted with a White Buffalo, a sacred animal for many indigenous cultures of the world, a Spirit animal that brings messages from the Spiritual dimensions, is connected with Creation and the Ancestors. For some native cultures White Buffalo Calf Woman is a native version of the Virgin Mary, a Divine being bringer of blessings, goodness, protection, spiritual nourishment

According to the Lakota transmission, White Buffalo Calf woman by means of 7 sacred ceremonies taught Humanity how to take care of Mother Earth. She held a sacred Pipe symbol for ultimate peace.which she offered to Humanity.


One of the main aspects of the radionic disc is the White Buffalo, who´s totem medicine is connected with Great abundance, the Great Mystery, the Great Spirit, the vibration of Joy, the power of ceremony to create and manifest things in our lives in a sacred way. Buffalo is also an animal that can weather any condition and thus offers us the medicine of endurance.


Properties of this Disc:

  • Helps us bring abundance in our life
  • Helps us find the right balance in our actions in order to manifest respecting Nature, Life.
  • Helps us access Spiritual guidance
  • Helps us connect with our own indigenous tradition
  • Helps us connect with the Divine Feminine from an indigenous dimension
  • Helps us balance and harmonize ourselves with nature our natural elements within and around us
  • Helps us connect with our own sacredness
  • Helps us connect with our shamanic nature, our visionary nature, our inner journeying nature
  • Helps us connect with the power medicine of the Buffalo
  • Helps us connect with the radiation of sacred peace process and ceremony
  • Helps us bring the Spirit of impecability, sacredness into our lives


Year of the Ox, Buffalo, 2021: 

The radionic disc launched on the year of the Buffalo can bring properties of this Chinese Zodiac animal: steadiness, stability., patience, work, determination, a spring like character

How to use the radionic disc

  • You can use it as a meditation/ contemplation element in an altar
  • You can charge remedies, water, flower essences, oils, aura sprays with the radiation of the disc
  • You can charge crystals or witness papers with names of projects you wish to be blessed by the radiation of the disc
  • You can place it in specific locations of your space in order to enhance the energies of the living environment with these radiations
  • You can use it as a Feng Shui harmonizer connecting with Buffalo year in the zodiac.
  • Use your intuition for findind out new ways of using the disc.


Attunement of the future owner to the disc

As an offering, the disc can be attuned to its owner. We need your full name and date of birth. please write to us this info on the area NOTES in the shopping cart.

If we do not receive your name we understand you dont want it attuned.


Important: The disc is sold with no wooden base which can be purchased HERE.

Mini Wood stand can be purchased HERE

Product details

Metacrylate transparent disc, 13cm diameter and 0.5cm thick

Disc Care: Clean with a soft cloth with water, alcohol, vinegar.

NOTE ON METHACRYLATE Due to the nature of methacrylate, you may find micro scratches on it that do not affect the effectiveness of the disc.


A product made by Pura Presencia™ with loving and conscious hands with greatest respect for the indigenous traditions of the World and beyond

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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