Bioenergetic session for Work issues




Bioenergetic session work-related issues

We work with our Lecher Antenna and our in-depth protocols to support all your work and career issues as these can cause serious disturbances to our energy fields whenever we are out of alignment with our work, our relationships at work, the type of activity we perform, the goals of the company we work for and so on.

Due to the hectic life we are living and our multiple responsibilities, we do not give enough time to our energy fields to REGENERATE and thus we are accumulating stress, fatigue and unnecessary dense energies around us.

We can cover the whole gamut of work interactions and conditions supporting your energy field, this includes cases of mobbing and other forms of harassment where we can work on an energy level to keep your fields strong and balanced.

We have had successful experiences in this field, keeping high executives balanced in relation to strong career shifts in difficult circumstances.

  • Career changes
  • Difficult work relationships
  • Energetic drain at work
  • Creativity blockages
  • Technopathic stress
  • Incompatibilities: human or environmental
  • Mobbing, redundancies support coping with unwanted or unexpected changes
  • And much more.


Product details:

The sessions are performed at a distance. Write to us with your name, date of birth, current location and the situation you want to receive energetic support. We will come back at you asap with a date for your session.

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