Zodiak the Astrological pendulum


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Zodiak, the Astrological Pendulum

(Pendulum + physical labels, Manual and Dowsing Sheet in PDF, ENGLISH)

The spiritual and esoteric traditions of the world teach the powerful influence the stars exert on us and all areas of our life, but these forces were not created to dominate us but rather so that we, through our Soul, could activate in the stars the best of their influences. What would life and the world be like if we all managed to overcome astral fatality and activate the Soul of the celestial forces? …

We have created a tool to connect with the Soul of the Stars and Planetary Bodies and work from the highest possible level with the best influences of these celestial forces in our life.

The influence of the stars (planets, stars, asteroids) their cycles, phases, movements, transits impact all areas of our life and that of our spaces and projects such as business, creativity, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Our evolutionary path passes through successfully overcoming the challenges presented by the stars, our relationship with them. The descent of Divine Light, Divine Inspiration, depends to a great extent on that relationship. the Divine Force. Divine Love, Divine Wisdom that we need to ascend, climb the steps of our evolution at the level of the Soul Remaining victims of “fatality” when we allow the astral forces to operate by the inertia derived from our passivity and inaction will only cause us more suffering and will stunt our personal and spiritual growth.

In the manual we will reveal an interesting perspective that can help us better understand our relationship with these forces and how to position ourselves internally to stop being victims of our “astral” circumstances, overcoming the challenges that life presents us.

This is a much loved pendulum with VERY DEEP spiritual and energetic work done both on the pendulum and on each of the labels started one at a time in a personalized way.

For the creation of this pendulum we have focused on the Greek Western Astrology and only 12 of the 26 labels will address the 12 western Zodiac signs. if you work with other type of Astrology you can still benefit from this pendulum working with the remaining labels of the set and focusing on your particular Astrological tradition.

Pendulum characteristics

  • By its shape: The Zodiak has the classic Metutelet pendulum shape, larger than usual (but like the other Metutelets in our collection) – It is a Vibratory and Radionic Dowsing tool.
  • By its inner charge: the Zodiak pendulum has a charge of high vibration internal remedies, including the Pure Central Vibration (the vibration of spiritual Gold that centers us, connects us with the Source and aligns us in our cosmo-telluric axis. Ormus, monatomic gold of the highest quality.
  • By virtue of its Spiritual and energetic charge: the Zodiak has an energetic charge of spiritual blessings from the Source to help us work with the astral (astrological) forces and overcome blockages, resistances, limitations.
  • By its radiesthetic color: The base dowsing color of the pendulum is White, a universal healing color par excellence. It also has sub-bands depending on the labels used: indigo, violet, ultraviolet.
  • For its engravings: The pendulum has two engravings on the side of the tubular part and on the upper part appealing to the Soul of the stars in order to help us connect and harmonize from the highest firmament.
  • By the intention of its creation: The pendulum has been created to work harmonizing, healing, resolving, imbalances in our relationship with the stars, the stars in our natal chart or during the different periods of our life in which we perceive ourselves negatively affected by the planets.
  • By the combination with the labels: each of the 26 labels has a vibrational energy and spiritual charge of the highest level to help us in each of the topics covered by the labels. The vibrations of the pendulum will vary depending on the combined use of the pendulum with the labels



The pendulum comes with a Set of 26 labels that cover in a general way most of the dowsing actions that we can perform when working with pendulums and astrology. helping us to balance the influences of the stars in us, our projects, our clients.

The first of the labels is a MULTIPURPOSE label with which you can do EVERYTHING and it has been created especially for those who do not have many notions of astrology and want to work with the pendulum in a simple way.

It is also a label that can be used by more experienced dowsers when they want to make quick and general corrections without going into a detailed analysis of astral dynamics.

Important: Labels cannot be copied. If they do, they will lose all their vibratory properties. The piracy of this material and all our materials only introduces the vibration of the lack of integrity in the work of whoever thus violates the copyright of who has not authorized such copies. Thank you for your integrity.



The 94-page Manual in A6 format and PDF in Spanish, explains the properties of the pendulum, describes the labels and their uses, offering inspiration dowsing commands in different types of work that can be done with this pendulum.

BUT, this manual is NOT a Dowsing or Astrology course. We understand that those who buy this pendulum already have the proper training in dowsing and astrology knowledge or know where they can acquire them.



The Zodiak pendulum is accompanied by a double dowsing sheet in PDF formats A3 and Ansi format B (For USA) with which we can navigate to select the labels of the set and ask basic questions or locate from where to work with the pendulum.(2 pages, to print, copy for yourself only thanks for your integrity).



  • Help us connect with the Soul of the Celestial bodies and work at a Soul level engaging our own Soul.
  • Harmonize astrological aspects in our Astral chart
  • Harmonize transits, cycles, phases both in our chart and in the present moment
  • Work with people, projects, spaces that are also affected by the influences of the stars.
  • Enhance qualities, gifts, talents
  • Sessions focused exclusively on the astrological impact on the bioenergetic field of people can be held.
  • Specific corrections can be made in the framework of other types of sessions such as creativity sessions, inner child, interpersonal relationships, work, life mission, etc.
  • Charge objects, crystals, flower and herbal remedies with energies from the labels to make vibratory remedies (not explained in the manual)
  • And much more.



The pendulum can be attuned to its new owner. It is an offering that can enhance the connection with the pendulum. To do this, write to us when buying the product your name, surname, date of birth in the NOTES section.



  • Beech wood pendulum totally handmade one by one (admits imperfections) engraved on two sides. Each pendulum is Unique.
  • Set 26 physical labels. (They can be cleaned with a damp cloth).
  • Measures approx: 6.5 height by 4 diameter
  • Fabric labels, set 26 labels
  • Manual in PDF, Spanish, A6 format pages 98
  • Dowsing sheet in PDF, A3 and Ansi Format B formats
  • Optional: tuning the pendulum to its owner (in the NOTES section indicate name, surname, date of birth of the owner. If we do not see anything written about it, we will send it WITHOUT tuning. It is not necessary to tune in, it is a gift).
  • Copies of Manual, Double Dowsing chart and ALL our material is only for the buyer, thank you for your integrity.



A Pura Presencia™ exclusive creation totally handmade one by one, with love and conscious intent for the highest good of all

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