Date: March 22, 2020

Group measurements (These are not individual but group measurements):
All measurements out of alignment. Bioenergetic imbalance is one of ELIMINATION, difficulties in eliminating something most likely toxins, attachments (energy, mental, emotional toxins, etc.)
Energy reserves energy vital organs 61%, secondary organs 81%

Divine connection: disconnected (NOT a spiritual but bioenergetic measurement).


The following organs, glands, functions and systems required an intervention:
Hypothalamus (chromobio color), Spleen (chromobio color ). Thalamus, Thyroid, Kidneys, Pericardium, Metabolic system (chromobio color). Bone system frequency sound bones.

Radiesthetic protocol:
Transmission pendulum vibration Immune System (solar plexus zone, spleen, pancreas)
ReiShiMa pendulum transmission (Reishi, Shitake, Mitake) (solar plexus zone)

Dowsing Protocol:
We detect 3 blocks
1. In the subconscious regarding our health due to attachment cords and resonance with the corona v. The attachments are at the crown chakra … (so we can see how easy it is to establish this resonance). Removed. (But if we keep hooked on the news we reconnect to this)
2. In our DNA system due to fear patterns that disconnect us from Love. Elimination as far as we can of the fear (the unnecessary)
3. In the emotional-vibratory system due to ties of attachment to the coronavirus affecting our relationships, in the area of ​​the second chakra (belly) eliminated.

Dowsing protocol Protocol
-Archangel Raphael Vibration Transmission in the heart zone with the Archangels Pendulum, we facilitate the download of celestial frequencies of help, celestial Medicine. We ask that this help be used for other possible viral outbreaks, not just this one.

-Positive Green Transmission (a dowsing color) with Archangels Pendulum in the heart zone.


The measurements are balanced, what was disconnected is now connected, what was out of alignment is now aligned, the Divine connection re-established, balanced earth-heaven axis, chakras also elimination system also.

How long can this harmonization last? It depends on each person and their ability to maintain bioenergetic balance.

After the Jesus session, Yeshua had a message for us :

“Soften your heart, there is nothing to fear. We do not cease repeating this yet you fall again in the fear that spreads like a virus, from the mind to your hearts and other organs. TRUST. Trust in the goodness of the FORCE that walks by your side holding your hand. TRUST in ME, TRUST in yourself. Together we are strong, never doubt it. I am with you at ALL times holding you when you fall prey to fear and the mentality that makes you contemplate the “worst possible scenario”, Soften in your hearts, find me there, rest there. I love you Be strong and empowered as I see you, because that is the TRUE vision of who you are. I love you. ” Yeshua, Jesus.

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Baj-Pendulos Pura Presencia
After the session: drink water and rest

Encarna and Maite have supported the session with their pendulums, infinite gratitude to them