Good morning Dowsing family
This is an invitation to a 15-day practice that we can do together if you wish in order to improve EVERYTHING in our life through the power of the SMILE.
For 15 days I invite you to SMILE, to smile at everything that disturbs you and what makes you happy … to smile at what makes you angry, what worries you, what makes you desperate … to choose the SMILE before you judge something as being a problem, a nuisance, an annoyance …
To train ourselves to change our ATTITUDE towards things in life that do not go as we think they should go according to our dear egos (muaks ego I love you and I smile at you, bang!)
We have started this morning with it and we are dancing, dancing, enjoying the day like never before … new ideas emerge, new dowsing projects with which we hope to contribute positively to the wisdom that is emerging with this ancient art of Vibration.
And all with simply A SMILE!
I encourage you and welcome to this practice, we can use this post to comment on how we feel about the practice …
This practice arises from a video in which a doctor recommended that a woman with big pain in her stomach that nothing seemed to cure. He recommended her to smile at her boss because she continued to have stomach pains and the pills she was taking did not seem to help her. Until the doctor asked the lady what was the most upsetting thing in her life and she said: «My boss.» Then the doctor recommended her for 15 days to smile at the aforementioned as she staired at him in horror. Finally she followed the doctor´s strange prescription and returned after 15 days transformed and without stomach pain and, best of all, she warned the doctor that the entire office would come for a consultation AND that the boss had change his attitude towards her and was delightful!
I send you a HUGE SMILE!
Barbara Meneses
DAY 2 Practice 15 days, Smile
Observe how the energy called Shen, reaches the area of your third eye, when you have generated the inner smile. Take advantage of today to smile internally at all your organs, glands, functions, systems … you will see how everything relaxes and harmonizes with each other.
Have a happy and blessed day!
Blessing sounds corny, archaic obsolete to many people who miss out on the great power of blessing … we live in societies where Evil-Saying is modern, cool … criticizing, hurting with words, humiliating, hurting, knocking down …
Blessing restores us to the essential Truth of who we are.
So that,
I smile at Monday … oh those Mondays how we curse them sometimes !!!! today with my smile, I smile at every Monday … in fact, I free myself from the «Monday» programming, that programming that was imposed in the past and I also free myself from the new programins that I might impose on myself considering that Monday is an annoying, tiring day and that makes me belief it is an effort to adapt after the weekend … Today I smile and release ALL the «Monday» programings… including the message from the movie «Mondays, in the sun» (a Spanish film protraying unemployed people) … I stop feeling like a helpless unemployed person and I decide to smile at Life, at the new and good ideas that propel me towards new paths, new possibilities that prosper me. Thus, today I smile at my prosperity, my natural abundance, my creativity and my motivation, to make this Monday the best of all Mondays, simply because, I am PRESENT, ATTENTIVE, WHOLE and smiling!
Happy monday to everyone!
Barbara Meneses
A pic from our journey in Australia St Andrew market… crossing Warrandyte…smile to all the surreal 2020…distopic assimptomatic experience of the stangest of films in real life!
Keep smiling keep choosing your higher and most benevolent values in spite of the fear mongering.
Today I invite you to smile at who you are, in your totality, what you like about yourself, what you don’t like about yourself, what you perceive and do not perceive about yourself. Smile at all that you ARE because with your smile you will smooth roughness, stiffness and you will be able to flow into your true essence without waiting for others to smile at you, approve you, validate you … because you yourself are your greatest approval and validation, because you were created with A loving and WHOLE SMILE and therefore you are the pure radiation of the Smile embodied in fullness and therefore, simply because of that you are Beautiful …
One of the things that I have most liked «doing» during my life was to see and discover the beauty in people … It is incredible how it emerges through wrinkles, grimaces, gestures, sparks of light in the eyes , the body movements, the words, the acts … if we look at it, Humanity is absolutely beautiful and before this we can only marvel and perceive the love and the Divine smile with which we were «created».
Have a great day full of Light, happiness and smiles
Today I propose to smile BEFORE reacting to what is presented in my life. Before any judgment or thought that leads me later to experience emotions and reactions to them, I choose to SMILE.
I SMILE at my capacity for full attention, the «Awareness»considered who we really are, the Self, the Pure Presence or Mindful, conscious presence … today I SMILE at the Observer within me, at that capacity to witness what is happening in my life WITHOUT need to react and jump into the reactive pool of judgments, thoughts of attack…
TODAY I just smile ..
Happy day!
Barbara Meneses

Today we smile at VICTORY … at the Victory of the Smile, the Victory of Good, the Victory of Peace, the Victory of Happiness, the Victory of Abundance, the Victory of the greatest good of all. Today we smile at super-positivity, the one we choose simply because we can do it, we can choose it. Today we smile at the victory of our best goals, our best aspirations. We smile at the victory of our internal resources that allow us to move towards our best dreams. We smile at the false barriers or false beliefs with which we were blocked in the past and we take a step around that pile of false beliefs, confident in the victory of our natural capacities. Today we smile just because. Because we have already won 🙂
Blessings, have a great day !!!! Cheers up !!! Victory is 🙂
Barbara meneses


Today I smile at the smile so I close the circle and embrace eternity … the eternal smile with which the All, the Absolute, contemplates everything. …
Today I smile at all types of smiles, at the grimaces, at the ironic smiles, the cruel smiles, the playful smiles, the sexy smiles, the bitter smiles, the cynical smiles, the sincere smiles, the fake smiles, the natural smiles, the «pose» smiles, the spontaneous smiles … Today I smile at the full, entire smile … embracing all the states in which we smile, without judging them …
Today, I simply smile and close the circle of my smile …
Barbara Meneses
Today is a good day to smile at the animal kingdom. To our animal companions … what joys they give us and what smiles they bring us when they see us decayed or with low spirits. They are capable of doing the craziest pranks in order to make us smile. My dog ​​companion does an incredible dance turning on himself and jumping like a mountain goat! in those moments the world stops and his smile and ours merge into a single Universal smile … it is life dancing and playing with itself.
If you do not have animal companions, smile at the animal kingdom because they support and love you even when you do not have a friend, dog, cat, bird, etc …
Thank you animal kingdom for so much that you give us!
Today we smile at you !!!
Today I smile at the stress, the nerves, the reactivity of the beginning of the week. I smile at the disorder, the difficulties in adjusting to the rhythm of my weekly activities.
I smile at the moments in which we collide with others, for having different rhythms. I smile at the «speed up» in the morning, I smile at distractions, interruptions, the delays …
I smile at the losses, the challenges … the frictions, the tensions with others …
I smile at the desire to project my own frustrations on the day, on the weather, on the «bug», on world politics…
Today I smile at the uncomfortable, at the dense … and by doing that, I open myself to HUMOR … to the smile of LAUGHTER …
Today I turn the challenges into A SMILE because deep down,
all of this is trully hilarious …
In Spanish there is a game of words as «Sonrisa» that is SMILE, has the word «laugther» in it… «risa».
So, a smile, becomes a laugh when we have the right attitude and the detachment to contemplate things from a certain perspective! may we all reach that «certain perspective» ?
Blessings, happy week!
Barbara Meneses
Today I smile at my shyness and my inhibitions. To what I keep jealously inside myself out of shame, fear of criticism, feeling that it is not worth it, that it is better to hide it from the eyes of others. Today I smile at that spark of genius and creativity that I dare not bring out to the outside world for fear of what they will say.
Today I smile at it, shyly at the shyness that I have to offer the world my gift, my hidden talents due to fear of criticism and judgment. Those gifts and talents lie sad within us, feeling the helplessness of not seeing the light of our creative process. Today I smile at all the good things inside me that I don’t dare to bring out. And by smiling I soften it, I bring it back to life through the Grace of my inner smile and thus, I overcome my fears, my resistances and those limitations imposed by the outside world …
Today I smile at my new and upcoming possibilities, those that arise from my shyness, from the depths of my Soul … Happy opening day and new possibilities You can follow the 15 days of practice in this link:
Today I smile to the Tree of Life,the Life giver and provider of all my experiences in this and other realms. Today I join hands in gratitude for the life that has run through me, allowing me to experience, to choose my path in goodness and love.
Today I smile at the Tree of Life, at the Divine Nectar flowing through its branches, nourishing my Soul, providing me with endless smiles and opportunities for greater smiles and laughing moments…
Today I smile at my Life, embracing it ALL, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly for it made me who I am today.
Today I smile 🙂
DAY 13 / PRACTICE 15 days, / SMILE

Today I smile to the future … to that bright future that awaits me when in my here and now I focus on my essence, I focus on my values and highest choices for the highest good of all and I live in harmony with the LIFE that pulses in me and around me.
Today I smile confident in the FUTURE because it is the sowing of my PRESENT.
Today I smile Blessings Barbara
Today I smile at the ghosts of the past … at those phantasmagorical figures that in my Psyche and in everyone’s psyche roam at ease haunting us with limiting, complex beliefs, the «I can’t», «you don’t deserve», «you’re not worth». ..
Today I smile at those dancing «corpses» in my mind, and I say GOODBYE, very good old friends, I no longer need you. I release you with my smile … so that you can celebrate your destructive party in another place … Well, I no longer need you.
Today the smile with my whole Being, the sovereign inner smile replaces you … Today I free myself from your chains, your instruments of mental, emotional physical and energetic-spiritual torture.
Today my smile heals me and releases everything, just because, because of a smile ?
Today I smile at the happiness of completing a practice like this one, that kept me focused for 15 days on seeking the smile in my reality, on feeling it, appreciating it, thanking it, expressing it, sharing it, living it, extending it …
Today I smile happy to know that I can commit to what benefits me, what encourages me, elevates me, inspires me. Today I smile with satisfaction for completing a purpose that I set for myself.
Today I smile happily looking back at these past 15 days. If I have a pendulum I can see if since I started this challenge smiling a little perhaps throughout my day, if now I have been able to create a new habit of smiling more at everything that comes, what goes in my life.
Today happy, I open myself to the future in which more smiles of satisfaction, happiness, complicity, joy, inspiration, affection, playfulness, potential await me.
Today I smile because I can and because with this smiling choice, I close this practice in love and gratitude.
Thank you all for having participated in this 15-day practice.
You can follow this practice whenever you want from this link on our website. It is enough that you decide which day is your first day and that you walk following each step for 15 days.
A practice proposed and designed by B, Meneses Pura Presencia Baj-Pendulos in order to help all people to keep their spirits high and strong during this situation of global crisis.
Barbara Meneses
Barbara Meneses