We have worked with the group of participants with the following vibrations:

-Transmission of Divine Light

-Transmission frequencies of Archangel Michael

-Transmission Pure White Light

-Transmission with Siddhi pendulum of vibratory frequencies of Strength and courage

-Transmission with the Orme Pendulum, of vibration Monatomic Gold

-Pendulum Transmission Diamond Light of pure Diamond Light and diamond strength

-Transmission Yellow crystalline light empowering our master and inner wisdom

-Transmission Violet crystalline light enhancing communication with our spirit guides

At the end of the session, the message that comes to us from the group of luminous beings that have participated in the session is that we have to practice DETACHMENT with respect to the situations that are overwhelming us, because only then can we rise above them and find the solutions we seek .
Personally, I have worked on this during this week and I verify HUNDRED PER CENT the veracity of that information and how I have been able to reposition myself in a much more empowered and elevated space practicing this same detachment.

In these moments the thirst for information that we have pushes us towards the Media and this  lowers our vibration to a space of fear for survival and that disconnects us from our internal teacher, our internal / external guides, our essential wisdom. So let’s practice this detachment to be able to raise our vibrations away from fear and scarcity.

Blessings to all, drink water, rest
Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia Baj-pendulos Spain