We are thrilled to introduce this new pendulum that comes along with a Manual and an attunement to the pendulum. We are working quite extensively with this new tool discovering each day new ways of using it in our sessions. It is a pendulum that brings the vibrations of Enlightenment and Spiritual Power. It has a strong charge of secret and sacred herbs known to the SIddhas of Southern India to bring Enlightenment, Longevity and the achievement of siddhis, spiritual gifts and powers.

Tool becomes like a talisman when attuned to the owner and will gather power to help him or she during his/her healing sessions.

The manual has a wealth of information on how to use the tool in its 80+ pages.

People have fallen in love at first sight when seeing the pendulum and some have even cried tears of joy, recognition…

We will keep you posted as soon as we get some testimonials from our fellow dowsers 🙂

More information on the Siddhi Pendulum: