If we want to solve the situation we have, here are some essential points to move forward faster and better:

1- Get out of fear, take hold of the inner Peace that we all have inside
2- Less media exposure to catastrophobic news, conscious rejection of those prefabricated scenarios in fear.
3. More time spent visualizing with a sustained emotion of love, joy, gratitude the best possible future in which Humanity is liberated and lives in harmony with all kingdoms.
4. Internal work to disconnect, dismantle the oppressive internal structures that programmed us.
5- Choose consciously at each moment what we want to live, how we want to go through the experiences we live.
6. Disengage from any contract promise agreement that oppresses us or forces us to have behaviors that separate us from others in hatred, misunderstanding and intolerance.
7. Remember at all times the good of Humanity and our bonds of love, affection and respect. Here either we all get out of this or none of us get out.
8. Do not give in to fear, pressure, emotional blackmail or of any kind. Knowing that we are not alone even though it may appear so.
9. Unwavering faith in the victory of Good.
10. Full connection with the Source of all love, all goodness with Her we can do everything.

Go for it! Be strong,be bold !
Happy weekend Barbara