Day 3 / Practice 21 days “Yes I love you”

Staying focused on a practice we have chosen to perform is crucial to success … The first day we blindly signed on, but then the days pass and the initial motivation for choosing to practice a practice can fade …

Today’s proposal is to keep the FOCUS … which is nothing else but to keep the arrow pointing steady on the target of the objective we want to achieve.

How many of us are unable to maintain that focus with this or other goals? …

Today’s proposal is: “Even if you can’t keep focus, don’t know how to keep focus, YES, I LOVE YOU” …

Let’s love the process of focusing even when it’s hard for us and let that LOVE strengthen our ability to focus on what we want.

We live in a world where we have been taught where to focus and if we become aware of it, we will see that often that point of focus was not for our highest good. We focused on lack, to desire more and more products that are sold to us as essential to feel better … when in reality, we are already all that we are, without the need for anything external!

Today, let us love the freedom that we have, from the conscience, to focus on our objective and in this case, the objective is this 21-day practice enhancing our love and our ability to affirm what we do Love in our lives.



Yes I love you” is a 21-day practice that starts whenever you want but we started on May 27th and will end on June 12th, 2020.
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