Isis, the reflection of the Great Mother
It is absolutely incredible how this reality has reviled the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine in the multiple representations of her according to the different cultures of the world.
She who has given us life, who remains in the rear, covering our backs, who supports  Consciousness so that it can be experienced in the the world of Mater, the Mother,… and yet her name profaned to represent so called terrorist movements and I say “so called” because they smell of fake, of false creations in order to separate, divide, polarize a Humanity that is One and is of one same brotherhood.

She flies free, Her open wings, deployed throughout the entire Cosmos, vigilant, conscious, loving, whole, inspiring of our best impulses, our highest thoughts, our most brilliant solutions. She who covers us with her mantle when we fear at night, or when we seek refuge in Her maternal embrace …
She is here, among us … so much in us, that our Atoms vibrate with her name without our knowing . At-Omi … the Mother …
Is-Is, who is twice.
Blessings of the Great Mother

Barbara Men-Isis.

Isis Radionic Disc