We may wake up to the reality that the History they told us is a tremendous lie in the spiritual, the scientific, the political, the historical, the social, the geographical … whatever you look at it …

Many people will fall into a crisis of cognitive dissonance between what they thought reality was and what it really is.
This happens daily among people who “wake up” little by little to the different layers of lies with which “reality” has been woven.

Given this …here is a tip or rather a solution:

Remember that even if your favorite God falls, even if your historical hero collapses covered in falsehood, you will always have YOUR VALUES.
Those that genuinely make you vibrate. Those values ​​are with which the false Gods, heroes, leaders of the world of illusions cover themselves.
Those values ​​are REAL, the rest may not be….

When the history you believed to be true collapses, do not collapse with it, simply collect your values ​​and free yourself from the wrapping with which a narrative was woven to bind you, like a spell… a “broad cast”. The values ​​are yours because you appreciate them. Choose your values ​​well and may they accompany you in moments of doubt and confusion.

Values ​​such as Love, solidarity, the spirit of cooperation, kindness, justice, sincerity, generosity etc …
Those are your true pillars.

Let the rest that is supported only by the weak lies fall under its own weight.

Barbara meneses