FROM HEAD TO HEART / A 15-day practice
I am doing this practice personally and I thought of sharing it with you and that we walk in it together.
For 15 days, I propose that throughout the day the more times the better, you stop for a moment and do the following:
1-Take a deep breath
2- Give an order to your Spirit to drop all thoughts from the head to the heart (where they will be dissolved if they are irrelevant)
3- Tell your Spirit that with this you return to your real Being.
4- Count if you need 5,4,3,2,1, 0 and at 0 you are in the heart. If you don’t see yourself there or you don’t feel there, you go back to counting until you stay at 0.
You can accompany this practice by holding the 14 points of Jin Shin Jyutsu, look for the image on the internet, the 14 are just under the end of the ribs under the chest in alignment with the chest. This area helps you to work the Mind and align the body, mind and spirit.
Barbara Meneses


Find the 14´s in Jin Shin Jyutsu here

DAY 2 / PRACTICE from head to heart
Second day, we remain focused on remembering as many times as we can, stop, breathe, go down from the head to the heart, settling in our real being.
With this we return to the present moment, to the zero point where it is difficult to reel in the sway of the world and its storms.
At zero, focused on our essence, we live in the eternal present, a non-linear and timeless space rich in vibrations that regenerate us, center us, reconnect us with our essence.
At zero, thoughts stop and we enter KNOWING without the need to accumulate data, figures, information. A knowledge that is fresh, spontaneous and that comes to us without the need to grasp it or cling to it.
A woman told me years ago that she envied “my” wisdom and that she wanted to be near me to “suck it all up” and … precisely for this reason, her innate wisdom escaoed  her through her attemps to grasp the. ungraspable.
Because wisdom has no owner and it emerges when we are in the heart, at zero, without the need to seek answers or to prove to ourselves or others how wise we are, or pretend to be. Wisdom Is and we Are, when we simply are, in the now, the doors open and wisdom flows, we flow …
Happy practice day …
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DAY 3 / Head to Heart Practice
We continue with our focus descending from the head to the heart, releasing and softening the grasp of the thinking mind, becoming aware that it is not our thoughts that cross that space in and around our heads. By de-identifying with them, we can take a greater perspective of who we really are, and we stop reacting compulsively to the ideas that are suggested to us … Softening in our heart, we settle in it … allowing the natural connection that we have with the Source, in the heart expand … Once that expansion is perceived, it envelops us like a protective mantle. We can then regenerate ourselves in the sacred space of the eternal present that we are, in unity and fullness.
Happy day, happy practice !!! Blessings Barbara


We remain focused on our practice of dissolving all thoughts as we descend from head to heart. The essential does not disappear or vanish, but the transmutation that occurs in our heart when our consciousness joins the Divine presence in us, transforms the dense of obsessive thought, into a subtle luminous essence that allows us to consolidate more and more in who we are really and thus, it allows us to discern the influences that arrive from the subtle layers of the environment that surrounds us … influences that divert us from our path or beneficial influences that remind us who we are and what is essential.
Happy day in No-time, in No-thought, happy day in the full and pure Presence of the Being that we are!

DAY 5 / Head to heart practice
Imagine that the thoughts that cross your mind are like light white feathers that gently descend to your heart, where they become Light and they either nourish you or they are dispersed in the Light that you are because they are not compatible with your essence or with your vital choices . Whatever those thoughts are, they become light, because they already are, in case of thoughts in tune with the truth of who you are, or because they are transmuted by the essential truth that resides in your heart. Ultimately, let all your thoughts pass and vanish into the ocean of your Being while you remain centered in your heart, without identifying yourself with the beautiful thoughts, or with the dark ones, simply safe, serene, trusting that the Light of your Being, is all you need to be who you are.
Blessings, happy week!

DAY 6 Head to Heart Practice
I contemplate from my head the pain that causes me that this practice does not have the reception that I would have liked. That disappointment like a cloud in my head, I let it float down, while with my conscious attention I return to my heart and RELEASE. I let go of disappointment, the feeling sometimes that I have of talking alone in the desert … I let go of the desire to throw in the loose towel …
All that mental hum that causes me to leave my center, that involves me in futile internal discussions, hides the natural joy of who I am … the movement of Life flowing joyfully through me always inspiring me … driving me …
Thus, I descend to the heart and allow myself to be … apart from others, to be, apart from the often erroneous perceptions that make us fall into states of grief …
There, in the heart, we all meet again, with or without practice … My task is not to forget it … We are, in the heart.
Happy practice day, let’s shake off our disappointments and desolations as illusory as they are! Success does not lie in how many people follow this practice but in that at least one person, remember not to fall into the mirage of his mind! Mission accomplished!

blessings Barbara Meneses


DAY 7 / Head to heart practice
Look at the nature of self-sabotage: the more disconnected we feel from the Source, from ourselves, the more we get out of our hearts and go to our heads to scan the horizon in search of a  why … That is why the one that takes us further and further from the very center we seek, in our heart. All the time that we invest the way back home and we go out of our center in search of an answer, it is the departure from that same answer that is always in the secret chamber of our heart where only  Source and ourvery selves cam reside, in constant communion.
The doubt, the erroneous perception of our disconnection take us out of that communion that Is in the eternal present and take us through the dark passageways of the mind in search of that very thing that never ceased to be in the depths of ourselves.The diamond in our pockets so as to speak…
It is enough to become aware, let go, and return from where we never left … in the heart of the Mystery of our existence, where everything Is and everything is Good.
Blessings and happy return from head to heart!


DAY 8 Practice descending from head to heart
The Ascension process is also a process of descent in many ways. Our practice today is part of the Ascension process …
It is in the heart that we expand our consciousness to what some call multidimensionality. This term carries some “danger” because the Being is beyond dimensions, it can experience passing through them but not falling into identification with them.
For this reason, the discourse of going from the third to the fifth dimension carries its “dangers” too, dangers of understanding and misunderstanding.
Let us always remember that the Being that we are is One and whole and the dimensions and multidimensionality remain fragments, however subtle they may be, of experience. The Self is One and is fully experienced regardless of dimensions.
Today, let us descend from the head to the heart tuning in with our fullness, as a sure and firm step towards Ascension, which in this case, is nothing but the Ascension of who we thought we were, who we are in essence. A return home, free of dimensions and multidimensions that fractalize and fragment us more.
Blessings Barbara

DAY 9 FROM HEAD TO HEART 15 days of practice

Today is a good day to test if there has been any improvement with our practice. Whatever the result, let us continue to descend from head to heart, letting go of all grasp on the world of ideas.Samsara, as the Buddhists say, the ocean of suffering is based precisely on our attachments through hatred, attraction, rejection, rejection. to the thoughts that keep us from accepting reality as it is. We live so engrossed in the world of ideas and theories, hypotheses, assumptions, speculations, ideologies that we have stopped responding naturally to Life. We try to make reality fit with what we think and we suffer when it doesn’t. In other cases, we try to force life itself to fit in with what we think, hope, wish, yearn for, think we deserve, etc.
All this is a direct passport to the Island of Suffering … in the middle of the ocean of total and absolute suffering not because life is “bad” “cruel” and wants to hurt us, but because we have become so disconnected from what it naturally is, that we have lost the muscles necessary to accept things as they are. When you do not accept what is and what there is, you do not position yourself in the correct internal space to receive the SUN-UTION, the Sun-Anointing, the answer that the Universe sends you, the Source, whatever you want to call it to solve what you pass.
Going down from the head to the heart is a gesture and a nod to life, a “Yes” I want to align myself with Nature, with Life itself and from there, I understand and act in harmony with Life and my authentic and real being.

DAY 10 from head to heart
When we let the head disconnect from the heart. we are prey to the winds and storms that shake us and take us out of our axis making us contemplate what is NOT.
When the head is mounted on its crazy horses, it takes us along paths that divert us from our way, as it disconnects from the heart that is the guardian of the essential truth of who we are, what is our true strength and what is our real identity, royal with “r”, “o” , “y” ,”a” and “l” for royalty, our Divine connection.
Returning to the heart, we regain sanity in our heads, because we dismissed the false teacher, the false god, the false guru or the false guide who took over our vessel to lead it on the path of distraction, detour, waste of time , disempowerment and spiritual poverty.
“Today I return from head to heart knowing very well why I do so, thus recovering my sanity, my faith in myself, in the Source that accompanies me, nurtures me, cares for me, guides me in the Truth of who I am.”
Happy head to heart practice day!

Happy practice, blessings!


DAY 11 from head to heart
We all seek our mission in Life, our true Destiny, we seek to access our gifts and talents, our divine heritage so to speak … and we all yearn for it from the head … we search in the head, in the mind where we could find those talents that will allow us to be prosperous, successful and fulfilled as human and spiritual beings.

And yet, we look in the wrong place … or rather we stay in the search mode, where by definition, the seeker remains in the state of eternal seeking because if he found, he would disappear as a seeker, and no identity seeks to annihilate itself . It is in the heart where we discover, we know without needing to find anything because everything has already been given to us in the sacred space of our heart. There all our questions are answered and we can only express admiration, surprise, joy and relief … express a great sight such as: “ahhhh” . “ahhh” expressing yes I remember, ahhhh expressing what a relief …. ahhhh  what surprise to remember what we we always had within us, what we always knew and what we stopped recognizing because a part of our consciousness was fragmented to be located in our thinking head.

So from head to heart is a journey back home, back to who we truly are, back to our gifts, talents, vital purpose … Only in the heart do we receive what we always had … the connection and all the information we need to take our next step.
Let us descend today from head to heart with greater awareness, love, devotion and gratitude for That Divine force that loves us, loved us, will love us and never stopped loving us, because in this love this divine force elevates us to the position that we REALLY  occupy, thus completing the great living tapestry of existence that without us, remains incomplete, diminished, and lacking all the light, the spark it must have. Let’s take our authentic place today!

DAY 12 from head to heart
We walked for 12 days on the path back from the demanding, needy, recriminating judging head into to the grateful, inclusive, all embracing heart… The hungry ghosts as expressed in the Buddhist teaching are left behind, in the mind … those who  demand everything and appreciate nothing …
Once in the zone of influence of the authentic heart, all parasitic forms disappear before the loving effluvia of the light of the Source within us. That is Soul food not suitable for parasites that lack the digestive enzymes to receive the nourishing energy from Source …
That is why those forms that parasitize us flirt with us in two clear spaces: the mind and the lower abdomen, the entrails where the Essenes said that death and Evil resided within…… because it is the breeding ground in our intestines, the residual waters in which these parasitic forms hide with their multidimensional ramifications in other astral and etheric planes.
Today we descend from the head to the heart with the intention of cleaning our system with the energy of the Divine spark that lives within us. Let’s activate it for our highest good.
Happy practice!

DAY 13 from head to heart
The end of our 15-day practice is near, we can see those of us who have really and consistently practiced the fruit of our efforts: a greater focus, a greater dominion (not control) over our bodies, especially the mental and emotional body, an increasing capacity to establish our consciousness in the essential, in our Truth, letting go of attachments and clings to the world of mirages, fantasies that futurize scenarios of fear or desire or that lead us through the tunnels of the past towards pain , the pleasure that one day we suffer or enjoy.
Life is in the present moment. It does not exist before or after … Life is the river of Glory that flows and cannot be photographed or crystallized because an instant before or after it has ceased to be. Life alone It is in the present, in the presence that feels alone here and now.
Happy end of practice days


DAY 14: From head to heart

Has this exercise of descending from the head to the heart been of any use? Have we had enough time to achieve our purpose? Perhaps for some, this practice has shown that we “demonize” the head to favor the heart when it is not exactly the case. The “head” to which we refer is one in which the horses of the mind run wild, taking us from place to place. another, from one thought to another with no conscious and awake witness to pilot the mental ship. In that case, we are prey to the winds that shake us as soon to the right of polarization as to the left.
By descending into the heart, we have had the opportunity to connect with the energy of the Spirit in us. that force eternally connected to the Original Source in us that gives us life and animates us.
It is from the Spirit in us that we can rise again to the head and allow ourselves to think straight, connected, aligned. It is the Spirit that flows like a living river, emanating the Divine wisdom that so naturally circulates through us when we are seated in the Spirit in us. Thus, the mind regains its sanity, its focus and can function as never before, because it already has a sane, healthy, serene, balanced, harmonious conductor.
With such a strong head, anything is possible. Inspiration comes to us, new ideas flourish, action accompanies the creative thought and verb, and our entire creative system and gear is set in motion at the service of our greatest good and that of others. Such is the objective, the goal, the purpose …
But for this, we had 14 days to overthrow the false king within us, and reestablish the true sovereignty of our Spirit.
May today be a day of celebration of said internal coronation! From the head to the heart and back to the head from the Spirit, no longer from the scared, off-center, lost ego.
Congratulations to all of you who came this far and were able to activate your Spirit with greater strength and vigor!

DAY 15 from head to heart / end of practice !!!

Congratulations to all who have participated in these two weeks of practice descending from head to heart !!! It has undoubtedly been a challenge for those who were encouraged to practice with consistency! Especially in these troubled times when we are mentally shaken by the fear mongering of what may, could or is yet to come. We consciously choose this practice because it is an exercise in sovereignty, personal freedom and empowerment of the most important in these moments. Because it returns us home, to the very heart of our existence and from there, correctly positioned in our Spirit, we can visualize and create the best possible scenario for ourselves and others. The world we live in is a dream, a fantasy, a collective illusion with scenarios, roles, functions that we “buy” daily with our vote for or against. It is the sum total of what the community accepts by social consensus. Almost all “consenting voters” do so from their heads. If they did it from their hearts and their spirits, the world would be totally different.
We are pioneers, defendants of the heart and now, we can take this practice to all areas of our life, dedicating a few seconds before reacting, choosing, positioning ourselves before the events that we live, not from the head disconnected from the heart, but from the Serene, free spirit, connected with the original Source, Truth, Love, Good.
Once again, congratulations to all who have participated, it has been an honor to join you these days in the midst of the global maelstrom that we are experiencing.From my mother´s side I am a Montgomery, a scottish clan that holds the following Motto when referring to the head: “Garde bien”… “Guard well” your head… Do so by guarding well your heart and aligning the head to the heart.

Infinite blessings


Barbara Meneses

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