If there was a time when the healing tool of forgiveness will help us to successfully travel through this period that we are living, it is NOW.
In recent months we have accumulated a lot of indignation over different issues and open fronts that invite us to take a position, to fight, to protest, to get angry justly, unjustly in any way.
Forgiveness is a medicine of the heart, it is a gift for oneself that allows us to let go of what we hold on to through the emotions we feel about things that happen to us, our perceptions about what happens to us and the conclusions we draw from what happens to us. that we experience, either self inflicted or caused by others.
For many, forgiveness is the end of a path where before we want justice to be done, that we be heard, understood, accepted in our indignation, our hatred, resentment in the face of what we perceive to be an injustice.
Many people cannot go to the forgiveness phase because they do not find the conscious witness who listens to their vital complaint, validates their soulful pain and they keep clinging to the story of what happened as if it were the proof they need to carry with them until the time comes for a court of law to finally be formed to listen to them and rule in their favor.
The medicine of forgiveness is a balm for the Soul in the PRESENT, in the here and now. Its powerful remedy does not need a future trial with a favorable conviction to exercise its power of healing and relief. It is enough to say to oneself that regardless of a future judgment or recognition of what has been lived, the Soul chooses to forgive, even when it does not know how to do it. The medicine of forgiveness is a choice. We are not the medicine. We only open the door to the medicine of forgiveness with our decision and choice to forgive. “Help me God, Source, Divine Presence in me, to forgive everything in my reality, forgive everyone else, forgive myself … Help me open myself to receive the forgiveness of everyone else and my own, thus healing my Soul and that of others in this unique act of Forgiveness ”.
Today many are mired in hatred of the Cabal, the dark ones, the traffickers of human beings, the power groups, the corrupt politicians, those who stole wealth and deprived others of prosperity and abundance for selfish ends. Political polarization makes us hate the opposing side and not forgive them for their mistakes, their corruption … oblivious to the fact that others can also perceive us as corrupt and dark, and they do not forgive us either. Thus Humanity walks recriminating this and that, passing from hand to hand the dark and dense burden of heartbreak, lack of Light, lack and absence of love and goodness. And that burden will continue to pass from hand to hand until we all stop and through forgiveness, we solve it in one go, here and now.
We can take eons to do it or choose to forgive here and now
You choose…
I forgive you, forgive me, thank you
Barbara meneses