Be aware of a Mental purge happening collectively on the next weeks pushing to the surface our mental ghosts, mis-perceptions, misbeliefs, false assumptions and all negative programming we have accepted.

All of this will push our buttons our fears and anxieties. It can bring up frustration, disorientation, confusion.

It would be wise to establish a strong practice of Mindfulness, focusing on our breath, touching the ground of what is real and true in order not to be pushed and shoved by that which is false but we identified ourselves with.

There will be light after the purge. Those with depressive tendencies, hang in, it will clear out. Just hang in…

Let´s be loving and compassionate for each one and help those close to us if they “fall” into the abyss of their own mirages… they are false but for them they will seem real.

Remember to challenge your thoughts… is it true? is it really true? how sure can you be of it? (Byron Katie)

You are not alone, we will support as much as we can 

At the end of the purge, what is real will be much more clear to you than what is false and you will enjoy less of a distortion.