We have celebrated healing sessions with clients who suffered from not wanting to be incarnated on this planet. These feelings are very painful and cause many disturbances on a bioenergetic level. They affect all areas of our lives. When we do not want to incarnate, we split off, and we deny access here and now to our Divine essence. Therefore we experience the very disconnection that we fear so much. We don´t want to be here because we feel disconnected and not wanting to be here disconnects us even further from our multidimensional aspects, from Source, our essence.

We have charged this image with healing energies for those of you suffering in silence from this condition. You are not alone, you are love and we are with you walking at your side. Open yourself to receiving the benevolent energies that are coming from Love itself towards you. Open yourself to receiving yourself in fullness in this incarnation. Be here! Help us transform the world into that which you envision inside you. Let´s make it a better place.
Much Love