Message of the Archangel San Miguel for the readers of our page and / or interested
Happy Saint Michael’s Day, happy Saint to all the Migueles!
Archangel Saint Michael Message:(translated from Spanish as it came originally in this language)

Humanity is currently at a crossroads. It is a crossroads of the mind, for in the spirit all is One and all is clear. The Spirit is and only reflects what it is, it does not feed options alien to what it is.
Humanity is eagerly seeking to find a solution to the problems it is experiencing. But it is not in Humanity where the solution is to be found. It is in the Spirit. Returning to the Spirit that you are, you turn the gaze of the Soul focused on the worlds of duality, and return it to the perception in Unity.
In unity, the answer is self-evident and the questions are silenced in the presence of the giving Silence of Source. In that silence, everything is resolved, dissolved, self-revealed. Therefore, do not look for the solution on Earth but return to your Spirit making your Soul stop looking towards the future scenarios of choices and decisions that distance you from who you really are and from the essential truth that Is in your Spirit.
Let me open the way back to your true home, in you. You only got confused of image and exit door, you went deeper into the dream instead of leaving it.
Follow the arrow that I am showing each one of you in the subtle planes and that only returns your attention to yourself. There is no more important way now than to return home, to your Spirit.
Blessings to all, happy day in which you celebrate my essence and my presence.
I accompany you in strength and righteousness.
Archangel Michael. “