Babies are already beginning to show negative bioenergetic traces of the global situation we are experiencing.

I just did a session with a baby that we have been following since before birth and in this session the baby has shown signs of the traces that the global situation is producing in her family and in society.

It has been “brutal” to see how a small being is already beginning to show patterns of limitation, communication difficulties, feelings of abandonment, pain due to loss of power / control problems, grief and loss and even damage at soul level due to the situation we are experiencing.

The bioenergetic work that we as therapists who work energetically can do is now be very important to help the following generations not to bear the trauma of the conflicts that this situation is creating energetically and that can cause long term physical problems-mental-emotional and spiritual issues when not dealt at the energetic level.

The truth is that I am speechless because I am verifying sadly what I had already been sensing and intuiting …

May this message serve all of us to become aware of what we are experiencing and help the little ones with less capacity to process what we are all experiencing, for the little ones receive from their families the undigested or poorly processed burden of the conflicts of the “adult” world.

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