The volume of Disinfo/ misinformation right now is brutal …
The good thing about Dowsing cards is that we will be able to speak in code avoiding those new inquisitors of Big Tech …
There is an avalanche of info, desinfo, with a view to confusing us even more than we could already be …
The answer from a Spiritual stand point is to FILTER with discernment and put in quarantine and confinement far from our energy field all that trash of information that comes to us from both the supposed white hats and the black ones.
Both sides are facing each other and use similar techniques of digital warfare to win their war. In between them are all of us who are actually the most empowered and sovereign if we accept being so. With this we can turn off the TV, click and disconnect from all that informative and pseudo-informative whirlwind that only seeks to disorient and confuse. us.
Returning to our inner self, connecting with the Source of all Good, we allow the tide to calm and the waters return by themselves to the crystalline clarity through which we can then SEE.
When things are not clear, refrain from reacting abruptly and above all do not let fear, doubt, or confusion guide your steps, but let LIGHT, LOVE, GOODNESS be your guiding forces.
Blessings, happy week and peace of mind to all.
We are going to win, we just have to be calm radiating our peace.
Barbara Meneses
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