A Great cleansing is taking place on the subtle plane, black smoke can be seen rising from the earth rising into the sky. A great purification rising into the atmosphere for its transmutation on such an important date.

We are currently living in a full myth, in the misdt of stories being woven, with echoes of the past, resonances that lead us to different events. Time as we know it is not linear but “event-based” at present, intertwining situations, facts, moments with each other to weave a new-old narrative with which we will be informed or misinformed depending on who is the magician that weaves for us the connections that can be made.

In the midst of the stories that each other tell us, we ordinary people can choose how to position ourselves in the face of all this. We can ignore things, keep quiet, continue sleeping, rebel, oppose, frustrate ourselves or on the contrary we can position ourselves in the silent and observant Witness that far from falling prey to the stories, sees them being woven in front of his eyes… not in vain we are in the year of the revelations, the year 2020, the perfect vision that so many of us claimed …

And yet, even when we want to remain neutral, it is no longer time to sit on the fence, as someone who does not engage. It’s time to get involved, really involved…

We have been in brutal darkness for eons. The level of damage that has been perpetrated is absolutely enormous and astonishing. Many of us are not prepared enough to be able to assimilate, process or digest the information of what has happened and I know from experience because before each deep investigation that I have carried out I fell ill for weeks from the pain that it caused in me.

It is time for many to wake up … we will heal the wounds, we will look for the solutions although at the moment, there is only one message that we can sustain … the VICTORY the alignment with the Truth, the establishment of the maximum number of GOOD beings in timeline in which we are Victorious, in which LOVE and respect for Humanity and the Earth and all the benevolent forms of Life PREVAIL.

There is in each of us an original INNOCENCE that has been deeply attacked from time immemorial. It is time that we recover our connection with that INNOCENCE and bring it to our hearts to restore it in the absolute Love of the Source.

Use these next three days to carry out the internal alchemy that you need in order to be reborn renewed, away from the Darkness that haunted us, with the strength of knowing that we are MANY and that we walk side by side, holding hands. .