With the next full Moon, tomorrow, we will hit a strong astrological change, although it will not be “permanent” at the moment. It is about Pluto in Capricorn… for those of you (we have) had this position strongly determining our astral charts, it is possible that we feel a great relief. I am not an expert in astrology and I am sure that many of you can comment on your perceptions and knowledge under this post. What has been revisited during this astral influence has shown the sewers of the abuse of absolute power in which we have lived for a long time, personally and above all socially and collectively. Under this influence, terms such as the “Deep state” have become popular, the swampy sewers of the power structure and their dark corrupt plots.
Personally, we have also been able to see how in favor of love, company, comfort, fear of losing financial resources or social status, many have become trapped in toxic power relationships where abuse has been at stake, either underground or clearly visible.

It is brave to get out of this type of relationship, to risk everything in favor of real freedom, of real relationships and not of the false lights, the false images that the infinite Narcisus project on their “victims” to trap them in structures and prisons where they vampirize their soul, life and resources.

As a society, we also have to free ourselves, our soul is in it… We do not believe that because we feel we have a soul, everything is fine. The Soul is fragile and can be eaten away by our decisions and by the toxic bonds that we allow. With the Soul, we must commit ourselves, to watch over it, from the depths of our Being or one day, we will cry for the emptiness that its disappearance causes us…

Blessings to all