Mentoring-Supervision 1h


Service for dowsers & bioenergetic practitionners


In English. One hour session via Skype

For those who are into dowsing and are working therapeutically with clients and or family and friends, we offer this hourly service of Coaching, Mentoring and/or Supervision.

These sessions are not substitutes to proper training. They are aimed at reviewing cases and receiving new insights into the current work we are doing as dowsers, going through some difficult cases and performing a debriefing that will be very healing in itself in order to let go of the work we have been doing with our clients and renew ourselves.

As a professional counsellor, I know the value of being able to debrief in such an intimate and one to one manner with someone who walks the path along you and can understand the many pitfalls we can find on our mission.

These sessions are focused on Dowsing, Pendulum Healing practitionners.

We hold a Diploma in Coaching and Advanced Coaching,  Professional Counselling by the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and have been working as a complementary therapist and in the field of Holistic Dowsing among other approaches, for more than 20 years.

(*) We reserve the rights of admission to this service due to lack of rapport or other ethical, moral considerations.





  • One hour session via Skype




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