You might believe in Yeshua, the Christ or you may not,either way you can celebrate your true essence!!!
For me, Yeshua is a Living principle of absolute Love and Goodness, an aspect of Source that incarnated in flesh to help us recover our true essence. For this, I am eternally grateful.
Many people do not find the Christ, as they look for him in books, dogma..their analytical minds blocking the way to the experience of the Living God, the Living Source….
He-She-It is an experience, we need to open ourselves up to be willing to explore a territory called Yeshua, God, Christ in the same way as we would explore a territory called Buddha, Buddha field… We are inmersed in this field whether we want it or not, we might aswell explore it and discover how close the experience of its Love brings us home, back into our true natures.
Maybe Yeshua wasn´t born exactly today as some say…but it is a very good day for celebrating who we are…
Blessings to all!