A divine window of opportunity has opened for us to trully transform all that we have purged throughout this year. We have a real chance to shift our identity from past egoic false senses of Self into our True Nature, provided we Open up and allow the process to BE. For this we need to soften the grip that we may still be holding in the shape of resistances and settle into ALLOWANCE.

A piece of Info for those participating in the 30 day Challenge letting go of the past. At the beginning of the practice the level of attachment to the past, of the whole group of more than 100 participants was at an 83%.
Today, the measures have dropped significantly to a 44%, that is a 46,9% drop in attachment which is trully amazing!!!
congratulate yourself!!! time to celebrate!!
We will continue providing vibrational support during the remaining days of this practice, until June 30th 2019.

Barbara Meneses