When : Sunday 16th June 2019 at 19h Madrid Spain

We are deepening the practice we are doing by keeping in the present yet bringing healing to the painful memories of the past when they reach our present.
In this group session we will work with the Ho’ pendulum, a tool that translates vibrationally the healing medicine of Ho’ oponopono, the Hawaiian peacemaking practice based on the medicines of I am sorry, I Love you, Please Forgive me, Thank you.

During the session we will focus on the Past of the whole group performing a transmission of these vibrational medicines to support the clearing and harmonization of the past.

You are also invited during the Challenging the Past 30 day practice, to use the Ho’ oponopono medicine when memories reach your present moment. Rather than pushing them aside or casting them away, cover them with the healing balm of I am Sorry, I Love you Please Forgive me, Thank you. Do So in your present time, and let the memories go, returning to your here and now.

Barbara Meneses



RESULTS SUPPORT SESSION / Challenge of the Past

At the beginning of the session we measured the level of detachment from the past as an average in the group. A few days ago it was about 44% and today the levels were at 29% this is excellent! We have not just crossed the equator of our practice for those who started on June 1 and we have already reduced our levels enormously! congratulations to all the active participants! Congratulations!!!

Also before starting to work with the memories of the group we measured that among all the memories that we have in the group, 48% of them have not been released, that is to say that of our respective previous practices through meditations, personal healings, therapies, contemplation whatever the technique, the group had already released 52% of their memories which is already fantastic! Congratulations!

Therefore, in this session we only had to focus on releasing and helping 48% of memories for the whole group.

Working with the Pendulum Ho ‘we can see and diagnose (as we teach in our online course of this pendulum and in the pendulum manual) the levels of imbalance in terms of the 4 vibrations of the Ho’ oppo- ton, which indicates which vibrational quality we lack to heal / release memories.

For that 48% still not released imbalances were great these are the measurements:
-Imbalance in I Feel (Memories we have not felt): 91%
-Imbalance in I Love You (Memories not loved 93%
-Disequilibrium in Forgive me (Memories not forgiven 98% nor we forgiving or forgiving others in relation to those memories)
-Disequilibrium in the gratitude (memories not recognized or grateful for what they bring us: 93%

We work with the Pendulum Ho ‘transmitting these 4 vibrations medicine to all our memories in order to balance this imbalance and release the memories.
After the session the level of memories yet to be released was reduced to 7%
it means that you can now continue with your practice of the Challenge of the Past incorporating Ho ‘oponopono to help liberate in you those memories that still remain unfelt, loved, forgiven and grateful.

We hope it helps you. personally after the session I had an exquisite meditation with a lot of quiet and inner silence, reflection that many of my memories had been silenced in love and respect.

Barbara Meneses

A 30 day group exercise to avoid thinking/talking about the past and returning each moment that we become aware of to our Here and Now.
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