New use of our Radionic Discs with Singing Bowls
Here is what you can also do with our Radionic Discs which have a size that matches very well the base of the Singing bowls, be it in metal or in Quartz.
You can select the Radionic Disc that you feel you need or your client needs in a session, place the bowl over the disc, dowse how many seconds or minutes will you need to let the bowl rest and be charged (infused) by the Radionic Disc and then play it over the area that you feel or dowse is needed over the body of your client.
In this case, with this particular bowl it took 40 seconds to charge it with the energy of the Solar Angels Radionic Disc.
This disc vibrates very well over the solar Plexus for obvious solar reasons and also the Heart and higher subtle anatomy over the crown chakra as the Solar Angels connects us not only to our Sun but also to the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy.
The time for charging bowls will vary depending on the composition of the bowl, the number of metals involved, the purity of the bowl, the quartz or other cristalline structures involved
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