We have created this video with bioenergetic frequencies and sounds that can support and protect energetically through this difficult times when Humanity is facing the Coronavirus Pandemia.

You can sing along the numbers shown in the video as they are the main bioenergetic solution in the audio along with the infused light frequencies embedded to help our body mind systems stay strong and empowered in the midst of these challenging times.

We have tested bioenergetically this music and found that it helps clear the space energetically lifting the frequencies of your space. So you can use it in SPACE CLEARING.

Remember, we are one Human Family! let´s remain united and strong together. Please share this audio and video with as many persons as you can, this is a free offering to Humanity under Creative Commons which means that you can share the original video always mentioning the authorship of Music, Idea, and our web page:

CREDITS: creative commons

Music: Eliberocelta

Vocals; Eliberocelta and Barbara Meneses Montgomery

An Original idea by: Barbara Meneses Montgomery