DAY 12 “Yes I Love You”, A 21-day practice

To my 12 energy flows, “Yes I love you”, to my 12 organs, “Yes I love you”, to my 12 aspects and colors-vibrations, “Yes I love you”. Harmonizing with my energy flows I enter into Harmony with the cosmos, my personal and collective cosmology. Thus, I bring a grain of serenity to a world that is currently boiling and subject to chaotic nodes.

“Yes I love you World”, “Yes I love you World”, “Yes I love you world”, may my love, together with that of all those who practice today fill our Earth with the emotional and spiritual nourishment that we need to travel through this time in Grace, Love, Peace.

Blessings, happy day to all and happy practice! Be pillars of love in your communities.

Love is stronger than EVERYTHING.

Be Love even in the midst of chaos. Fear not! We are strong!

Barbara Meneses