DAY 14 / “Yes I Love You” 21 days of practice

“Trust, Yes I love you”, I open myself to trust in the plan that birthed me in this time and place with a clear purpose. “Trust, Yes I love you”, Even in troubled or crisis times, I can trust the friendly hand that takes care of me and keeps watching over me following the Divine plan of which I am a part.

“Trust and faith, Yes I love you” … Not always the signs and events are “for me” but to wake up others around me … Trust, faith and patience, “Yes I love you”.

If I stay awake and attentive, solid and firm, settled in my peace, that peace that surpasses all understanding and that has been granted to me through Grace, I can be a pillar for my community.

Trust, faith, patience, firmness, “Yes I love you”.

Barbara Meneses